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  1. Unexceptional Russian agreements rejected to achieve parity
  2. Fantasy Islands back on This Morning?
  3. Film party time being stopped by injunction
  4. Give up cryptic instructions for making better beer
  5. Spinner provided unwitting boundaries in the middle
  6. Performed in tandem fitting concert finale alongside online lecture
  7. State address when meeting Oscars guard
  8. Chief requirement for country kitchen?
  9. Revolutionary communist pursuing plan to change course
  10. Watertight, lead-free pipe initially plumbing top of house
  11. Wearer of shell suit with an extremely unusual design
  12. America acquires first instalment of Rupert Bear
  13. Endlessly criticising e.g. Status Quo
  14. Make a decision in charge of 19
  15. Sir David Attenborough to launch this recycled fat and tobacco, maybe
  16. Neighbourhood which includes Newcastles foremost stadium
  17. Emanation from Earths mantle
  18. Spacecrafts periodic out-of-doors appearances
  19. They appear on sprigs or sprogs, so to speak
  20. Revealing statement of man heading to battle first
  21. They can see the Speakers support for motion
  22. VARs conclusion irritates team
  23. Greenpeace lashed plastic over rear of vessel - one used to plumb ocean
  24. Hurry back with baby-carrier to restrain irrational infant
  25. Former axis for religious building
  26. Enough money to climb tree
  27. Single or double-decker, possibly returning with injured airmen
  28. Poets extra line inserted
  29. A short excerpt of William Blake
  30. Cameron familiarly brought up European dodge
  31. Pretend to be fit around fifty