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  1. Table decoration put over drink for the unsuccessful?
  2. Chances putting daughters in older school initially
  3. Consume Evian water around end of night, then pee
  4. Catch linked to name on aperitif
  5. Charitable people overlooking new openings
  6. Promise leads to halting puzzle
  7. I had number displayed in strength - 12?
  8. Cold month with early closing in holiday island
  9. Remove blemish in beer
  10. Amend the colour, obscuring old line?
  11. Conservative compassion after leader deposed in urban area
  12. Study centre - expert securing a degree - gosh!
  13. Problematic situation involving power following European sovereignty
  14. Money, nothing less - fortune?
  15. Discard song, one planned as a hit?
  16. Each guided round by husband? Showed sign of relief, perhaps
  17. Peter out with delay over and over again
  18. Articles variously blocking examiners for about four weeks
  19. Element of tradition in this anniversary marked with pottery
  20. Sporting venue, live, hosting international before end of game
  21. Japanese language requires year on island
  22. Vaguely pious restraining of French religious group
  23. Setters going round European capital repressed in recollection
  24. Finally picking up note amidst a lot of notes
  25. Fever limiting start of reasoned debate
  26. Recorded limits to the range in conclusion
  27. Note provided by pre-eminent modern composer
  28. Group of soldiers commanded to collect equipment
  29. Deviant sailor and soldier imprisoning Queen and King
  30. Peculiar upset involving wayward act of heroism
  31. Millions without work around Democratic heartland