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  1. Talk of young affirming their truth enrages right-wing leaders
  2. Royal starts to moan about libel after article produced by Heat
  3. Informal academic and university fellows taking time with special papers
  4. Modernist novel which introduces a certain Bloom
  5. ... Novel abandoned, he hit "Tweet"
  6. Novel's pathetic protagonist losing ring but winning old cash
  7. Independent parliamentarian to back hospital department without effect
  8. Short novel repeatedly describing love for women's footwear
  9. First section of novel copper initially labelled as rather peculiar
  10. Fresher wants a little paperclip piercing
  11. Salacious dancing leaving us out? That's not very friendly
  12. Novel about second wife being turned queen by dictating Boris?
  13. Comedian's debut novel after leaving the Fringe read aloud and reviewed?
  14. Where suits might be heard ... or certain cases?
  15. Very European city on the coast is novel's deadly location
  16. Possibly be artful as a novelist
  17. Doctor Seuss' extremely loopy novel
  18. Novel Methuselah's written about himself?
  19. Endlessly greedy duck caught rowing team and coach again
  20. Hotel to show former president embracing reading? One may go into shock ...
  21. Opposing sides on Armstrong's cycling disgrace
  22. Defraud a character shipwrecked in novel for seafood
  23. Short novel acquired by agent
  24. Instrument with which old boy regularly trimmed novel
  25. Substance ultimately covered by jam?
  26. Perhaps King is rejected; likewise, the odd bits of Pullman novel
  27. Pitch a second Plath novel
  28. Insiders made money in jazz age Fitzgerald novel