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6-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Moan endlessly about relative visiting often
  2. Factious Labour organisation split over black university lecturer
  3. Independent article leaving American statesman unblemished
  4. Sceptic starts to think highly of meaningless arguments, surprisingly
  5. Cut short rude TV chef making comeback
  6. Country divided by a king and queen is telling
  7. Proportion equal to 5/9 of 6
  8. Evidence of underground activity sat around after 24 turned on presenter
  9. Area beneath earths crust shifting end of continental shelf
  10. Renewal of lease isnt something thats required
  11. Topsoil often covers up leaves
  12. Put off by entering on the right-hand side
  13. Promote rule of law in training up whistleblower
  14. Cover in employees case is cut off
  15. One aiming to pull strings with striking results
  16. Victors someone who plays with his nuts we hear?
  17. Sort of care given cause for complaint
  18. Draw every flower in Yorkshire
  19. Capital fellow supporting end to casual working
  20. Diagnostic method with fewest resources
  21. Former partner has charge reduced to much acclaim
  22. Capital united in misery following evacuation
  23. Recall authors written about city affected by revolution
  24. Recall hurt followed after mans blocked presentation of facts
  25. Crazy motions raised within fringes of Labour Party
  26. Call round with bullish expression?
  27. One feeding flames of coup bringing resistance to an end
  28. Talent for discovery disrupted by ones interference
  29. Clean using self-employed contractor
  30. Glean audiences perception of African country
  31. Continually losing men in agitated state
  32. Without a coat as its hot and stuffy