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7-October-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Become affected by ignoring party leaflet
  2. Cross about mother taking time to find shoe cleaner
  3. End up with performer on strike
  4. Stopped copper meeting informer in Belfast
  5. Wrong to have street artists seized in the outskirts of Albany
  6. Quarrelsome left back blocking a couple of Spurs youngsters at the start
  7. Quick to find unconventional fellow with note for Henry
  8. Going beyond the usual limits to get extra bit on suspect
  9. Revealed by soldiers after party in the open air
  10. Treat irreverently disregarding note from girl
  11. Evidence of canoodling making Olives bet look silly
  12. Inappropriate for ailing duke to receive spell in prison
  13. Soldiers calling for forgiveness of sins
  14. Similar to gripping second book
  15. Language barrier initially faced by Poins after joke by Japanese-American
  16. Fellow reportedly carrying girls basket
  17. Raised immediately about article on diamonds in varying states
  18. Estimates from the right assuming record increase
  19. Shut up about waste
  20. Amuse with gossip implicating girl needing no introduction
  21. Some introduced to embellish part of military uniform
  22. Blunder contributing to emperor retreating northward
  23. Expensive for an animal by the sound of it
  24. Head ultimately shunned by every exotic dancer
  25. Calls around noon after Washingtons intimations of danger
  26. Property manager?
  27. Argument against joining clique
  28. Remarkable things of prophetic significance seen by female in Pennsylvania
  29. Somewhat inferior support prior to defeat