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  1. Leading poster about male article
  2. Foolish patient forgetting a time for treatment
  3. One admitted to organisation, say, in debt leaving Britain - cue for reform?
  4. Colour encapsulated by Fauvist in theory
  5. Skinned tuna left to be distributed as a quantity of fish
  6. Fight in holiday resort, reportedly
  7. Pressure a daily feature, maybe? Just a bit
  8. I love bees flying around second of hives? That's fairly sure
  9. European detective in underworld location
  10. Admission of stupidity by American in Middle East capital
  11. Dim element deprived of love the second time in a fantasy trilogy
  12. Critically analyse constant astronomical measurement
  13. Top area almost cultivated for south African shrub
  14. Trouble about Spain raised for a demarcated demographic?
  15. Go without fixed purpose in pilgrimage site reportedly
  16. Gracious fellow beginning to buy foreign bread of a very high culinary standard
  17. Ambassador occupying middle of area is former Asian president
  18. Bullies first off put in order for rough conduct?
  19. Those strongly pressing get fast food but no starter
  20. Northern Ireland director among a group of three in Caribbean location
  21. Northern priest engaged by big story as source of humour
  22. Reasons not good for sets of drinks
  23. Defiant expression from boorish lout around bar's entrance
  24. Nervously ran into river in very cold region?
  25. This man surprisingly tours India, a former settlers' leader
  26. Argument, something that's unpacked in lawsuit
  27. A slow system of exercises? Excellent champion in it making a comeback
  28. One hosting man in garden is Scottish engineer
  29. Young troublemaker, ordinary figure close to delinquent lacking strength
  30. I fear tip improper for champagne, perhaps