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9-February-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Insubstantial tune composed by Sousa discovered
  2. Dress is raised over top of head with feet
  3. Giant mice poisoned with mysterious substance
  4. Gets right to the heart of constituent parts?
  5. Labour leader entering into deal upset one in 10?
  6. Intermediaries suggesting preliminary role for King and Queen?
  7. Went to belt around here? Probably not!
  8. Chew gum and eat bananas
  9. Start to abandon issue and come together
  10. Silence speaker being prone to repetition
  11. Pleaded with soldiers wanting leader dealt with
  12. Regret writer keeping number in reserve
  13. Setter catching right bus having lost case for cheap fare
  14. Unfortunate business with fluid mechanics
  15. Worships priest omitting Latin from passages in church?
  16. Corrupt act involving short singer
  17. Effusive author had brought up the same thing
  18. Be on top of story following coverage released from prison
  19. Thick porter perhaps finishes early, making one late
  20. Respond badly to care when deprived of oxygen
  21. Trading restriction consequently limits degree of business
  22. Instructions hinge essentially on wearing pants
  23. Hollow grains in cereal bars
  24. See United beaten in the end in shock result
  25. Odds on place for hunter making a big splash
  26. Pass on acknowledgement according to audiences size
  27. Dispute source of apparently irrational urge
  28. Hoard stone and wood
  29. Overhauled interior of mud dwelling
  30. Applies pressure to produce broadcast without director
  31. Animal everyone reared to eat in the morning
  32. Catch-22s cover recalled earlier novel