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  1. Untie puppy, frequently having a tendency to bite
  2. Goodbye, moving 18 27 soon?
  3. ... caught by that lady who was in Mermaids
  4. Medic suppressing anger...its got even worse
  5. Painful condition keeping radius in plaster
  6. German chap importing Dutch bananas
  7. Constable wishes to hug Inspector
  8. Search shed, in which Cameron finally is found?
  9. See 25
  10. Its naturally sweet to see a Lord on telly
  11. Ah! Mr Goodman, playing new instrument
  12. Rampant GI shot flier
  13. Activates Trident, picking up the pace?
  14. Support Turkey! - American Senates leader
  15. Im plugging commercial for disaster relief
  16. Daughter leaves niggardly, hopeless ferryman
  17. Off games? Absolutely not!
  18. Blunder about French coast being an environmental threat
  19. Right infiltrates PMs support - it has many branches
  20. Theresa - in a mopy huff - flipped over a tendency for reckless spending
  21. Disgraced Liberal Farron put up in small hotel
  22. Coach for city with beer and sausage
  23. Amber fish ...
  24. Leaders of Home Office order cheap home-made booze
  25. Summary of key points?
  26. Fixing Republican broadcast
  27. Sports car ferrying upper-class Duncan Smith at the front takes the breath away
  28. Pies cooked on board a ship where no germs are present
  29. Abducted Nad, drunk, having slept around
  30. Examine competition (ignoring Tories)
  31. Katys conference tipple?
  32. The range of Chagall
  33. Begin to give a speech about independent spirit
  34. Brother Livingstone is finished
  35. Henry - your Majesty - touring the county
  36. 9s resolved to start with English pastries