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9-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Thrashed, having cuddled willing girlfriend, hence looking sad
  2. Betray part of city in Florida
  3. Artist offering nonsense about source of colour
  4. Freeloader possibly rates charge misplaced
  5. Hint of blossom came up - familiar?
  6. Attempt to crack clue (not hard) for ‘bar
  7. Regret the European way
  8. State railway system, in part?
  9. Jewel Queen received in a ring
  10. American womans a character in Poe
  11. Chaps coming in to learn, confused after missing a preparation for course
  12. Rich Gloria endlessly circulating from this singer
  13. People securing building after old man triggers escape mechanism
  14. Harsh depression doing head in
  15. Hed turned up late, turning up with vehicle finally dry
  16. Fruit tree beside which parish priest tucks into beer
  17. American insult making you cry?
  18. Winner of photography contest showing no duplicate subject-matter
  19. Cheers Spooners suggestion for dog breeder
  20. Worry, getting cold, with little money around - warm clothing required
  21. Followers quietly go uphill
  22. Comprehension apparently soon to arrive?
  23. Works in field about an hour - exciting stuff
  24. Boxes, losing bout finally? Heres another game
  25. Completion of game requires way to pay American friend
  26. Suffers, after removal of right bone
  27. Glazing very good in a Southern college
  28. Network item - Chopin waltzes - involving 26 getting upset
  29. Advocate soldier getting allowed into church
  30. Get rid of safe worker? Itll lead to an explosion
  31. Cheers after recall of song line
  32. Its a caber, tossed - no more than your civic duty