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26-June-2014 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Riff on stage
  2. Bad marks for students?
  3. NCAA team thats been to 33 Rose Bowls
  4. Web periodical, I guess
  5. First site to report on the leaked Donald Sterling tapes
  6. Rapper who feuded with Jay-Z for a time
  7. 1980s TV hookup
  8. Most innuendo-laden
  9. WC
  10. Fan of good crosswords, presumably :)
  11. This ___ joke, right?
  12. Moolah
  13. Puts in the pot
  14. Via, once
  15. Corks spot
  16. Songs in the Key of Life single dedicated to Ellington
  17. Malefactor
  18. Popular post-arcade version of 65-Across
  19. Teegarden of Friday Night Lights
  20. Consoles on which to play 65-Across
  21. Like fewer and fewer children, as from diseases like whooping cough (grrrr...)
  22. Othello, ethnically
  23. Mad Men ex
  24. Subatomic particle
  25. Cocks usually stay away from it
  26. ___ colada
  27. Language spoken across the border from southern China
  28. Occasion for a surprise attack in nam
  29. Sphere opening?
  30. California peak for which a soda is named
  31. WWII zone: Abbr
  32. Guess about an Airbus: Abbr. [thanks for solving Ink Well! Goodbye! Solve my puzzles hence at]
  33. Nothing, in Naples
  34. See 21-Across
  35. Bit of lube
  36. Git down in the ring
  37. With 61-Across, slowly come to an end, and what this puzzles theme answers do
  38. Rocker Alice in Waynes World
  39. Bean
  40. Nectarine center
  41. Five Nations tribe
  42. Weed cousin
  43. Reubens side, perhaps
  44. Active sort
  45. Mythical monster
  46. Weapon for fencing
  47. Fence in
  48. Time ___ My Side
  49. Mopey, in slang
  50. Rainbow shape
  51. Vicious who overdosed in New York
  52. Deg. for a city developer
  53. That was a close one!
  54. Mary Kay competitor
  55. Pulled-out drawers?
  56. Track and field, e.g
  57. Consoles on which to play newer versions of 65-Across
  58. Madness?
  59. Palindromic Dutch city near Arnhem
  60. My turn to be the bad guy in tag
  61. Tamil-speaking country
  62. Combs, once
  63. Leaves with biscuits, say?
  64. Old New York Times crossword editor Will
  65. David Bowie Asks ___ If They Should Just Do Lasagna Again: The Onion
  66. Strained euphemism for black
  67. Cheap writing implement
  68. Yorke with a falsetto
  69. Imposed, as a tax
  70. Obstacle in 65-Across that causes the titular enemy to 21-Across/61-Across
  71. Silly toy from China?
  72. Black Flags second album
  73. Going for the most on eBay, say
  74. Noted arcade classic, and this puzzles theme
  75. Words said with a shrug
  76. Screws, in the shtetl
  77. Bill Withers song about a manipulative partner
  78. Not knowing right from wrong
  79. Genre of 65-Across
  80. What Tito Puente was King of