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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 19-August-2019
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 17-August-2019
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 16-August-2019
  1. At this moment, Fingers hangout is not busy (4,2,31,5)
  2. Broadcast curtailed by medium - the greatest living in Africa
  3. Country doctor covers for former partner in charge
  4. Course for retiring soldiers is not the first offering direction to anyone going on a journey perhaps
  5. Drink in Ireland from start to finish
  6. Drop a line to Powell leaving fellowship
  7. Feel hostility towards Balmoral estate on the summit
  8. For the less well-known characters performing in Chips, for example, and Hawaii Five-O, for instance
  9. Frank and Rex not in card index
  10. Friend in Galway welcomes introduction to handbook for some nice party game
  11. Full house of rice from Red China
  12. Group of soldiers behind Chinese defence - thats one for the books
  13. In the end, Clement loses the head with what he heard in confession, as its diabolical
  14. Is not guilty of selling drink for old money
  15. Issue of lads turfed out of studio flat
  16. Its a departure from the norm for Lincoln getting Republican quota
  17. Made a show of director after what the producer created
  18. Mere rhetoric, in a manner of speaking, from Free and The Script
  19. Pass out with Gardas salute
  20. Peers left powerless by the high flyers
  21. Plod - is that the English abbreviation for the police or for those working with fences?
  22. Presumably, he expects to find you well and hell bring you to the watering hole
  23. Reading in reality changes academic
  24. Secretariat holds this back from judge
  25. Sheepish type of medic touring Ireland
  26. Some of the neighbourhood is horrified by the satellite receiver
  27. Teachers punishment is starting to trend - dividing the foreign school
  28. Workout for two of the clubs, for instance, around Dublin
  29. A part of an unfinished song by engineer - the green type thats stoned
  30. American trains run by one of the skilful manual workers
  31. Auden left unsteady, messy place
  32. Dynasty from the eternal city going all the way back
  33. Fashionably dressed dame from Amsterdam
  34. Figure tries to get away from firestorm
  35. Fit to lead all sides today
  36. Garda loses the head with local supplier of The Ticket in decline
  37. Give warning to those out driving youre likely to hear this individuals from The Cape (5,31,4)
  38. Goads the French in dense novel
  39. Hawks living accommodation in the Sunshine State
  40. In retrospect, old railway heading out of train station is explosive for those in the shipping game
  41. Included in selfie staggering out of Spanish celebration
  42. Instrument picked up in archaeobotany
  43. Is this why weve heard nothing from The Assembly, barring the racket theyre making in The House?
  44. Like some old newsreels of Grey on the telephone entertaining Ulster Rising
  45. Mysterious old sailor dismisses top staff
  46. No ads in El Salvador by and large
  47. Novel idea about one employed by the Air Corps
  48. One key for the gents in blockhouses?
  49. One of eight mouthy types of Victorians rejected VAT
  50. Orderly produces sample of medicine attentively
  51. Prisoner expresses admiration for US Congress?
  52. Provides feedback to Express, in a manner of speaking, on popular government quango
  53. Raised in the banana republic from a young age?
  54. Recording away game from the start
  55. Rings a criminal about old woman living in Sicily
  56. Rome by train? Thats in the early stage of development!
  57. Score produced by lead character in The Rock
  58. Scotsman loses tons in fraudulent scheme
  59. Shift bonus for one of the crew
  60. Shock of truants missing Art
  61. Sob from Serbo-Croat working in nuclear installation
  62. Some definition of a codpiece?
  63. Supervised the staff in the chippys place presumably
  64. Tool for moving sun tile
  65. Waiter hasnt got ear of comedian
  66. You wont find any holes in this - thats why it holds water presumably
  67. ABC of Florida?
  68. Artist impressions of holiday bars
  69. Bishop is not in good shape making way through the house
  70. Bosses ran away from franchise
  71. CIA airlift explosive thats of a synthetic nature
  72. Did a job directing Frenchman in fieldwork?
  73. Engineering movements strong feelings
  74. Female detective removes furs
  75. Flag a number of points for one of the Languages
  76. Funny organic matter found around summits with old rocky outcrops
  77. Having the knowledge of edible bulbs
  78. Keep under control with Cross Trainers
  79. Labs seem unreliable to construct
  80. Let out in the community with friend sooner or later
  81. Love sage in the same way
  82. Most of those in 8 across and 11 across minding their own businesses presumably
  83. Needs no introduction to Free Press
  84. New purse for top boxer is remarkable
  85. One writing with both feet on the ground is absurd
  86. Organisation didnt see in a handy way how the development finished up
  87. Provide cover for foolish type heading off to smoke
  88. Some of the local stick similar to one of those in 8 across
  89. Theres no cure for this heartless thief turning over university
  90. They typically spend adult life on land before returning to sea, escaping from the sun, for starters
  91. Those characters in the casino sensitive to whats on the plane
  92. Those in charge of the suits
  93. Writer briefly consumed by sci-fi compilation from the start is very particular
  94. Youre unlikely to hear this praise if youre late, as typically it accompanies a put down
  95. A wake-up call for team sacrificed by Alma Mater
  96. Beasty type of new drama is not up to par - nothing is?
  97. Beverage from root vegetable? Bingo!
  98. Cynthia arranged to visit hospital with plant from Lily
  99. Grant for area in the hospital
  100. Greek letter is not the first Greek letter to new and to absent friends

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