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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 16-October-2019
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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 14-October-2019
  1. Broadcasts to lots of children
  2. Can be raised to greet and acknowledge applause opening laboratory in hospital
  3. Cant pet a barking type from butchers in Italy
  4. Down and on the bottle in Ireland
  5. Exhibited the ravages of time consumed by mortgage debt
  6. Father sent back to academy - its an involuntary move from part of the Med
  7. Frenchman on course has a reputation for being lucky with the followers
  8. Immersed in Coup D?tat, a nostalgic revolutionary series of movements
  9. In retrospect, party holding view on first budget toed the line
  10. In the bottleneck in the port at the end of 13 down
  11. Into the bargain, lost dole at job centre? Thats some parting shot!
  12. Is over the moon presumably with room for art
  13. Lawmakers dismiss smear produced by tramp
  14. Make out initial drummer from Genesis
  15. Most of those in 21 down answer almost all of those in 11 across with offer to invest in Donnybrook perhaps
  16. Nickel-and-dime linkmen missing with bagman of course
  17. No grain in Argentina or Sicilian hot spot
  18. Noel Coward dismisses lewd section of The Sun
  19. Perform with a choir going around popular port or going through the Panama Canal, for example
  20. Perhaps a grateful tout from south-east
  21. Put down one of those in the plot to create doubt
  22. Salt marsh banks seen from the window
  23. Snaps pie crust bake
  24. Spot line by Oscar from action novel
  25. Standing in for what sounds like Cobh wedding band
  26. The latest recording equipment doing the rounds
  27. Throws down a gauntlet to annoy Hegels clan
  28. Workers heading off for what sounds like days to lobby
  29. A French-American cold mushroom meal is not on
  30. Begun old novel in club
  31. Call the tune dismissing Attlee making a meal of it
  32. China gets lost in doctrine
  33. Church is consumed by meeting in Parliament, leading the pack advocating a Hard Brexit perhaps
  34. Deliberately gets rid of Bradley from select group
  35. Faxed over letters for extraordinary meeting for school divisions
  36. Is not working for graduate returning to Capital Radio?
  37. Its a mystery what this is?
  38. Its a sign of whats raw or off
  39. Its an indication of how good the coach is working, by the way, at trial
  40. Local hooligan loses the head with one of those in court - presumably, its the witness?
  41. Look for oil in ruin approaching start of spring
  42. Loud head barman knocks back most of the local whiskey
  43. Make the decision to put boots on the ground perhaps to get dig in at elite unit
  44. Organisation is being wound up perhaps and its taking an age
  45. Papers covering Pinter play describing style of No Shrinking Violet?
  46. Reason for teaching someone a lesson provided its popular field of study
  47. Return piece to secure bit of gold
  48. Set off from near east for the sports stadium
  49. Take a hike in casual clobber that goes with one shirt
  50. The Blades could have been discovered in Dublin
  51. The latest intelligence of squabble between Germany and Switzerland
  52. The Loire cook works in the hospitality business
  53. Trim golf club is not the first to be motivated
  54. Turns up bug catches one mystery man offering magic potion
  55. Watering hole surrounded by wild desert is used daily by those in service
  56. What those going to the guillotine didnt get presumably in life?
  57. A stylish and confident guy is guarded - did he lose the rag?
  58. Badger Trim firm taking a fair amount of the bar out of the vegetarian restaurant
  59. Bear or swallow?
  60. Blind panic on first tee leads to inaccuracy
  61. Country taking lead from the beginning - the local head-bangers love it
  62. Fish and duck starter served in a pub for musicians - presumably, one could beat it?
  63. Free-flowing style of playing flute around mid evening
  64. Gave a meal to most of the staff coming back from a milliners showcase
  65. Gavroche wandering around Paris found in ruin falling down around church
  66. Get money for chips produced by potential chains
  67. Its not part of dispute with pushover
  68. Its the first page on the housing list
  69. Just sitting around - its the upsetting part of unwieldiness
  70. Market duck found stuffed in prime cut? Matriarch loses the head!
  71. Of course, for the swingers, these are three separate vehicles?
  72. One of those behind bars is not the first to follow parasites for notice
  73. One of those in the pack is a golf professional?
  74. Perform gig for the cowboys travelling in the west
  75. Picked up by walkie talkies as being behind schedule
  76. Rebel admits underground leader has a fair amount of the vision for The Rising
  77. Sample of the enchilada tested with dark fruits
  78. Sensitive type is alarmingly looking for Charlie perhaps
  79. Shady type slips up in view of the house
  80. Shelter for ripe cotton is all over the place
  81. Shows ones appreciation to a minister at prayer service
  82. Some Nero dAvola grapes produced in Indian City
  83. Source from abroad opens intoxicating Merlot wine
  84. Teaches a lesson to Rialto boss behind Trade Union
  85. 1970s America, for instance, encapsulated by Deliverance
  86. Amidst upsetting thumb motion in the dead centre
  87. Back in the Globe Theatre
  88. Barman with a German name is wasted
  89. Bill for sunscreen for coach
  90. Bone found in stew carted out of Takeaway?
  91. Caught in Nevada working with money up front
  92. Celebrated in Ring with the red cape and in Ballitore romance
  93. Characteristic of a particular area around Clare containing denim production
  94. Criminal gang put away for taking ring to offend those supplying fences
  95. Dealer clears a part of the forest
  96. Drag up in magazine what cheat did to lover
  97. Family dispute lead by Clement?
  98. Features around advertisement is all for show
  99. Foolish fancy of that man in hospital in California
  100. Going over a map in car in Rush

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