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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 23-January-2019
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 22-January-2019
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 21-January-2019
  1. A path from the estate leads to playground not associated with those at home
  2. A round heavy-set figure has sheep roaming around top of ridge
  3. Blank spaces for poster off sports page
  4. Car worker found behind old Greek city is the pre-eminent supporter of The Union
  5. Coach is fully prepared and is on track for what any boy could accept for the present
  6. Concerns Santiago sabotage surrounding technology
  7. Confused by how one rowed striking the head
  8. Dinner includes starters of salads, seafood, hams and libations opened in a private dining room
  9. Frustrated one foreign politician on broadcast with writer
  10. Grill one of those in 7 down
  11. Hes not into Shelley or Bellow
  12. Its only small change locally to the track figures
  13. Kind of person one leaves outside religious group
  14. Make modifications to direction on green light for the other half
  15. Make use of foreign mole over pressure from Yard
  16. Meant to leave statement and let it stand as it was
  17. Pierre sent off in pursuit
  18. Pops off proposal, in a manner of speaking
  19. Shreds reviews for leads from Abbey, Lyric and Helix
  20. Sloppy mini with elegant top is reduced
  21. Some builders reputation for being a stockholder
  22. Stare from miser leaving wigmakers
  23. Swede gives support for females at small womens institute
  24. Take it as a matter of course, a fair amount of idea is not dangerous enough to gangster
  25. The boss is old school with cultural values
  26. To give one a clue? In nude dancing, its spontaneous!
  27. What young one might have to do to accept milk drink falling off the wagon
  28. Whos a pretty boy then? Whos a pretty boy then?
  29. A steady flow from master criminal
  30. Bedouins returning and hidden in Sands Bar alehouse
  31. Bob runs the committee without leader from party
  32. Constabulary withdraws bounty for cheeky chappie
  33. Detective in todays rag depicts how bad things were in 1984, for example
  34. Determined and right to head off from capital with States spoils of war
  35. Expect one to get this, for example, from something Jeremiah said
  36. Finish with European on holiday
  37. French paper laid out and consumed in the parlour
  38. Have just enough in ones locker to beat pacy Serb
  39. How does one decide who is the best comedian as Behan and Beckett make a contest of it
  40. Is left to roam starting off in Man of Aran
  41. Kept away from sketch map of Gulf
  42. Make tracks for Playback taped around end of December
  43. Material is cut for delivery to your building
  44. Menus are wrong for securing the online service
  45. Nine released from East Indian venues
  46. No room in comic opera for cold type from summit
  47. On the trail of Sue from Features
  48. Put off departure from the library
  49. Request when saying goodbye perhaps to keep it short, in a manner of speaking
  50. Rib and head taken from fish - the person who took them illegally wants what amounts to a ransom to give them back
  51. Show off deep part of the river
  52. Some algorithm or secret code
  53. The man upstairs just recognises what the future holds, as the saying goes
  54. They hold all the documentation for Fiat and Rover with trims
  55. Unconscious runner found behind car from independent college
  56. With the clip of The Fly with Con Short - thats a complete wrap!
  57. A sign about 1,000 military forces
  58. A source of wisdom covered up by advisor? A cleaner!
  59. Backing up British politician - the one on his bike!
  60. Bird with a type of pad is a common tweeter
  61. Blow the whistle on firm arrangement
  62. British leader gets nothing wrong in Government? In Ring its seen as an opportunity to throw a few digs!
  63. Church leader is innocent - one of thirteen
  64. Content in newspapers potentially is a blemish on ones character
  65. Counts men leave demands
  66. Criminal move on America is toxic
  67. Favourite gets short acting part in 24 down and in Garage
  68. Finish play about leading light
  69. Frenchman in Lebanon working for The Count
  70. Great aunts failed to get gran a garden gnome
  71. Its uncompromising and dark coming off dirt tracks
  72. Keeps an eye on finance, for one, for what carpenter put together in the church
  73. Ladies losing the head with cider producer brings a lump to ones throat (41,5)
  74. Local looks for information from 24 down at school
  75. Man of the cloth heard housekeeper is perfectly suited
  76. Needles mates to take out of snake pit
  77. One cadet fishing for something from storyteller
  78. Produced denim cap that could be a killer if it goes global
  79. Produces large amount of 14 down on holiday
  80. Propensity to remove toys from the little fellow
  81. Research best way to press a suit perhaps - is that how youd learn to handle yourself in bar room?
  82. Steps in tax collection in 1810?
  83. The weakest man on The Board in hock locally
  84. Where one may paint a picture of where someone is living
  85. Bumper duck starter for meal
  86. Decent half of the city to live in
  87. Detectives in with that woman from IT - give her nothing
  88. Determined attempt to initially entice force to go to old army stronghold
  89. Express dissatisfaction with Otis being taking off compilations
  90. Helicopters dropping off richest staff
  91. Hides half of Jacobs smokes
  92. Insulted cast off the record
  93. Its a job for the journalist to chew the fat with pre-eminent prop from the start
  94. Large scale concealment of vine pickings
  95. Most of those in 14 down following one of Marys followers from the butchers
  96. No art in satirical piece coming from The Stones perhaps
  97. Novice edits novel on the stock exchange?
  98. One of the best singers to have talked presumably about the hallowed turf of Croke Park
  99. Opening that paper for nice friends causes waves of disturbances
  100. Order in mink dress with order for robe

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