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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 4-August-2020
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 3-August-2020
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 1-August-2020
  1. A fair amount of those in 18 across find 25 across is a nice tradition?
  2. A pawn in the mating game in The Queen, for instance
  3. Adam perhaps is in on the plot
  4. Business practice?
  5. Considers dismissing Enid Bridge
  6. Contribute to The Gloss living in Paris with buff
  7. Convincing leading cameraman to shoot The Third Man
  8. Doctor is sick in hospital taking direction from boring people
  9. Embarrassed by artist connecting papers with newer versions
  10. First lady director consumed by bank job associated with a crafty business
  11. Heard in Canada opening 14 across
  12. Human nature to dismiss anthem of The Republic in the Pacific Islands
  13. Inched away from Indo-Chinese racket
  14. Interrupts to say what the butcher sells is popular
  15. Is less generous about sweetheart up in lights again?
  16. Jack is a fishy type - over here hes sharp whereas in the US hes seen as cheating with the pack
  17. Nutty type of writer takes in most of Cork
  18. Officer on weekend consumed by Bowie in bar
  19. Opposed to every second song, cover, CD, note, vocal by The Cult
  20. Orders to dig up park near academy and institute surrounded by university
  21. Paid attention as to not lose Focus on back road
  22. Scared out of ones wits by chicken
  23. Some cellos in G minor - theyre behind in the score!
  24. Sounds like one of The Beatles is lucky and charming perhaps
  25. Starts inserting files in elegant pigeonhole
  26. Stout barman from The Summit, Howth, is put out by seat taken by an old gatekeeper from the estate (61,5)
  27. This is a long shot - ants accompanying elephants leave in toto?
  28. What the waiter is hoping for - rise, fuel, free bitter?
  29. A general rule covering new equipment produced by a major employer
  30. A mark in the foreign game
  31. Broadcasting is another problem around Ireland
  32. Characters in 1 down hiding 10 across in old places where some wanted to get clean
  33. Code, for example discovered in advance
  34. First mate has no taste for company
  35. Fresh tapas and endless types of European cuisine
  36. Intense tee off by a number of the locals
  37. Its all the rage over detective getting on your bike
  38. Lead batteries found in crumbly soil consisting of clay and lime on the ultimate hard rock
  39. Most of those in 1 down from church, school and courts
  40. Motorway divides Lough in Royal Trim
  41. One atlas in production for the French neighbours
  42. One of many by Vivaldi produced wince from Isaac Newton
  43. One of the good books scattered around the Vatican
  44. Oriental provides wrong answer in moral exercise putting Chinese to the test
  45. Party with very small drinking vessels in The Abbey
  46. Port aint on River Thames? Primarily, its the one used by Constable, for example!
  47. Relates to two informers giving up Castor
  48. Some job at hotel in English city
  49. State support for chief and Troy leaders- Achilles, Idomeneus, Nestor
  50. State travel and capital for those in 9 across
  51. Surgeon discharges one of the runners
  52. Throwaway lines from The Undertones on stage
  53. Turns up Heath has fever - one tends to get that when all the windows are closed in The House
  54. Two types of workers around yard - one is a jack-of-all-trades
  55. US prices on foreign drums
  56. Whip is the Spanish leader of The House
  57. A trial settlement is binding on the Arabian, for instance
  58. Apparent to the horse trade its fixed
  59. Being the greatest Bond taking direction from those with charisma
  60. Characters amidst gallant supporters from The Hill
  61. Chief in charge of whats on the agenda
  62. Clue to new gains lost
  63. Concealed by EPA interested in sign of something distressing
  64. Dance off starts with coordinated entertaining and has a rhythmical effect
  65. Devoted group having bearing in the end on old city with an intellectual refinement
  66. Extract of vanilla essence dug up in body of salty water
  67. Father consumes starters, entr?es and with very little money in old Paris - an alternative to consomm?
  68. Feeling the pinch yourself? Presumably, as a consumer this will make you feel important!
  69. Hazel Dale from launderette
  70. Individuals playing some part on all sides today
  71. Kay loses the head with Herb in the doghouse
  72. Laotian from international version of The Apprentice
  73. Leave port served up around Little Christmas
  74. Limits to setting up Tiberius clubs
  75. Meatier stews from Muslim lands
  76. Much ado about nothing in part of USSR
  77. Old sieve for cook in the kitchen
  78. Oscar in LA Confidential from the start fronts network soliciting cash advances from moneylenders
  79. Presumably, what can be distilled in spirit from the Duke of York, or is that still illegal?
  80. Removed sod from sandstone in the French port
  81. Return the favour to swimmer retaining record
  82. Show those in power the door in Bayou State
  83. Sign of infection on the rise in marsupials
  84. Soldier in gaol break found lying by The House
  85. Some characters cannot tolerate popular name in Germany
  86. Strength of character to do this crossword a second time?
  87. The issue of inciting The Rising without a leader
  88. The type of Mole that leaves a mark reversing vehicle - its not very nice scratching the side
  89. Trade Union releases aid - its free of charge
  90. Two coppers, the last insulted by loveable figure with a bow
  91. Upsetting tales left out for politician in the House
  92. What printer needs is tips? Im not kidding!
  93. Whats between my ears is mine?
  94. Where you might find the players from the start?
  95. A dark evening suit designed for dancers
  96. Burdensome without more from lounger
  97. Dig up complete flower sample for garden party
  98. Dislikes abandoning kids in Capri, for example
  99. Downsides to both sides produced by Colman Hawkins
  100. Dries veg out and separates

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