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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 26-January-2021
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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 23-January-2021
  1. Backs driving aid coming from port in Belgium by car
  2. Clarifying statements by old lover and pal travelling in Europe, for instance
  3. Confirm strange taste is close to repugnant
  4. Counts last to explode
  5. Dismiss those starting in the building game
  6. Evangelist gets rid of evil business managers
  7. Exaggerates what the player does after Romeo loses the head
  8. Has a lot of knowledge of where youd expect to find 21 across on train going to Dublin
  9. In retrospect, research site divides Frenchmen initially eager to use preservatives
  10. Is overcome with adoration for small court in front of school
  11. It appeals to a couple of beloved runners getting away for the match
  12. Its heart-warming without harming what divides the Irish and the English
  13. Let off for first murder? Its an eye-opener begging your pardon!
  14. Lifts the lid on whats preserved in vehicle containing number for writer from Spain
  15. Mystery of wild game found around Ulster
  16. One expected to turn back the tide by serving up fish caught in the community
  17. One taking drugs from celebrity with online identity
  18. Outlaw and top dog takes head off big showy flower - the one thats used to cover the head
  19. Perhaps still, its a healthy drink found in spring
  20. Praise former leads on The Onedin Line
  21. Prop from America joins Munster as reserve
  22. Right, of course, about head of bioterrorism getting to study whats produced by those with specific dough
  23. Rival of old father figure from good books
  24. Runs the school in Schull its said for the other woman
  25. Son of a promoter opens musical with diva from never-ending story of real-life events
  26. Time to retire after foul broadcast of social that appeals to one joining a two-party system?
  27. Veteran travelled around north, like one returning from the dead
  28. Writer consumes the last of the Parmesan on top of egg pasta
  29. 31 days with precious type from Air Force?
  30. A banned body builder with a heavenly body
  31. A foreign capital in South America is out of this world
  32. A light touch from banks kicking up a fuss
  33. Accommodation around Oxford Street behind old pound used to attract the attention of Russian writer
  34. Affluent women left in Toledo resort?
  35. Barking setter put thorough paces again
  36. Basically, smart hospital ward is more resourceful
  37. Cider cocktail put forward for consideration at the meeting is exceptional
  38. Country doctor covers for former partner in charge
  39. Decide not to join old heartless Irishman going on holiday
  40. Fill in for old writer reading to one expecting to get lots of the sun?
  41. First ingredient in mature spirits in crude containers
  42. Funny comedian is consumed by the spirits
  43. Old politician starts investment company with Energy Plan
  44. One of the characters in solitary
  45. Organisation sounds like its on drugs - its a cause for anxiety
  46. Pull no punches in wrestling manoeuvre? Its the least one can do for support!
  47. Repeat insult coming from touchlines
  48. Right time in Ireland to give up working
  49. Roadblocks by accommodation set up around Kill, from a timely perspective?
  50. Sailor getting short at the centre, cant stand
  51. The Fringes backstage pass is for member of barbershop quartet
  52. Trader from horse trade works in the garden
  53. Upsetting extremes of Security Council propaganda
  54. Use on USA characters feeling sick
  55. Whopping great sides on the Humber Bridge
  56. Wild places around US bringing up those accommodating types who need space?
  57. All together its hot at 22 hearing
  58. Aquatic invertebrates found in shady ground around river
  59. Banks increasing returns for the locals
  60. Concealed by Munro carrying back fruit from the forest
  61. Criticism of Republican and Oriental philosophy
  62. Didnt get any stars producing exotic nude art
  63. Doing better than others in Utah after order to start executing
  64. Dont stop The Media broadcasting
  65. Enjoy holiday from the start? Get off plane or crash locally!
  66. Escape clauses for 27 across going to school
  67. Ever so wrong going to Spain to manage
  68. Generates a lot of interest potentially by taking dog out of gondola
  69. Go downhill rapidly in spring, for the most part
  70. Group setting up in Adama, Ethiopia
  71. Important tablet for writers block?
  72. In the past, provided cover for most of the players in Man United?
  73. Injured, in the playing sense, on all sides today
  74. Is not prepared for clip of fictitious documentary on all sides
  75. List price drops (sic) threefold
  76. Manuscript about benefits of workers in the hospitality sector
  77. Motion detector used up by climbers taking in summit of Nuptse
  78. New Irish in vessel heading for uninhabited islands in the Pacific
  79. Ocean liner bearing those in 17 across returning
  80. Old bean - this is a person from Middle East womens organisation
  81. One from Nevada contacts a copper from Oxford - a Latin type out of normal environment
  82. Operated without rota - how profound is that?
  83. Pen name of liberator dismissing alert
  84. Producer of trees ignored by marketeers
  85. Raising zero tax from firm is one for the books
  86. Ready to drop local beat (3,2,31,4)
  87. Recognised some upset characters threw a sickie
  88. Rye from Pyrenees - some get hammered on those
  89. Safe is not at risk (3,2,41,3)
  90. Sing-along in bar in Alaska sending up Korea? Outrageous!
  91. Type of evidence concealed by United Nations
  92. Upsets the eldest artist in The Fleet
  93. Vietnam city takeaway is lacking in shade?
  94. What the agriculture business can produce is world away from flower bed
  95. Apologists ignore a lot of tittle-tattle
  96. Audaciously, a follower from dated heartless place
  97. BBC owe cast of Silk designed by those spinning yarns
  98. Courted a model - a classy type
  99. Dean leaves broad beans to soak
  100. Drunk Dad rants tucking into stiff drinks producing type of hypocrisy applied to some people and not to others

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