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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 10-April-2021
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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 8-April-2021
  1. A crime in Spain by an extremely foolish type
  2. Academic challenge producing part of the Sussex amphitheatre
  3. Alien and Platoon produced by a unit with a number of nationalities
  4. Bound to those concealed by Sancho Panza
  5. Childs protector in Abu Dhabi buildings
  6. Development of great argument with the brief
  7. English runner turns up to train
  8. Fast food from pig includes starters to take delivery of
  9. Firm conceals Ecuadorean banks turnover, tax payment and money in Mexico
  10. Fragment of The Rhinegold is controversial in The Ring
  11. Frame for pole-vaulters failing to get all over?
  12. Frenchman in scientists place of work is one of Marys followers
  13. Ideal for those getting to grips with Moby Dick, for instance, or is that said to be a slip of the tongue?
  14. In effect, take it as a done deal with feta cod salad
  15. Isnt abandoning syndicate to go off
  16. Its sprinkled over pizza in Genoa or all over the place
  17. Minister of External Affairs was charged with this overseas by most of those in The Old Bill and The Yard
  18. Model a nostalgic bit of style
  19. Non-native, in a manner of speaking, identifies an outsider and thats saying something
  20. Nonsense embraced by backward well-off fugitives
  21. One of the actors making a comeback in Panama hat
  22. One of the Greens produced weekend drink
  23. Part of the garrison - a regiment tracking subs
  24. Recalls two agencies contacting German? Yes, a bit of a smoothie perhaps!
  25. Religious group protects public relations institute from wrongdoer
  26. Romeo losing the head doing a couple of lines by and large
  27. Runner goes on ahead in the local sense
  28. Souvenir of Emmet on tour
  29. Starting on all sides today overseas
  30. The cultural standards in some Newmarket hospital
  31. The foreign director general catches relative with playboy
  32. The zone on both sides of Arabian Sea
  33. Turns up, umpire has record of playing with a number of clubs
  34. Two types of ceremony curtailed for ball
  35. Unfamiliar first-time composer taken on by The Tourists going abroad
  36. Usual starter for party in Belgium - side of Tuna in batter
  37. What a mendicant might do around London to fit in
  38. Where one might find Clementine or Charlie difficult
  39. Can be raised to greet and acknowledge applause opening laboratory in hospital
  40. Caught up in dream lifestyle - the type youd associate with those making a scene
  41. Central to family story with unusual, extreme background
  42. Cold fish starters of Nanbanzuke produced by a childrens writer
  43. Dave retires at end of surveillance duty to work in the black economy
  44. Depends on whats established by detective arresting revolutionary guy
  45. Doctor, officer and accountant all flying back by Concord
  46. Drink with retiring sailor - a little hairy fellow whos a good swimmer
  47. Farcical advertisement about empty transport going to old city
  48. From a classy perspective, they should be the happiest group of swimmers to take your breath away its said
  49. Get into hot water or come clean?
  50. In retrospect, making ends meet on the outskirts of Dublin, for one
  51. Isnt out of benefits or thats the criticism
  52. Its always poetic to be found in play area thats not first class - from a crafty perspective
  53. Its no good contacting the French Resistance in vehicle produced by those who are incompetent
  54. Kept under lock and key in The Apprentice - its an eye opener for director
  55. Old consul, governor, orator and theocratic is missing that?
  56. One of those in Elbow joining One Direction? Dont knock them, they sound amusing but theyre not!
  57. Outlet for hollandaise sides
  58. Puts on record ?- Lodge, from a legal perspective, is close to penniless
  59. Show a clean pair of heels to Bolt
  60. Take issue with Barney breaking up fat chest
  61. The key to getting Noel out of New Orleans
  62. Theyre following the mouthy movement, in a manner of speaking, for university worker in the margins
  63. Travelling car route with one working as an administrator in Brussels
  64. Unable to stomach the extremes of hazardous waste
  65. Victor from a German bloodline
  66. Where youd expect to find Partridge when resting in conference?
  67. A riot developed out of proportion
  68. A science institute in Korea designed by native Australian
  69. All the characters from 3 down go crazy going to Spain for opium
  70. Concerned with net sales of drugs sold online perhaps?
  71. Dont forget one of the team is after one of those flipping Wards
  72. Eco-friendly felon goes missing in an artificial mist thats staged
  73. Exerted influence on Bill over special effect?
  74. Globe falls off strobe light? Youll have to go to the bar to sort out that problem!
  75. Have the same view of a deadly sin for the most part
  76. Is not slow to offer a few lines to struggling actor
  77. It can be found in The Monks house as a matter of the greatest importance
  78. Launched around the back of Canaveral - surprised
  79. Leaving out old kit, removing the lead and light metal found in car
  80. Like some Customs people losing European area at port
  81. Looked closer for deeper problem
  82. Notes motorway going around America is top class
  83. One of those employed in the kitchen to implement cuts is used by the farmers wife on three occasions?
  84. One of those on the radio with headphones briefly in charge of one of those likely to blow top
  85. Permutations without Munster leads to a terrace without fans?
  86. Profound opening lyrics produced by The Stones
  87. Rugby player is bordering on hesitancy - was that forecasted?
  88. Take in popular street activity to get a return on investment
  89. The Agency contacts old informer taken in by First Lady to let off steam
  90. The controversial issue of The Duke of York presumably feeling the heat
  91. Trolls in a menacing way society gossips
  92. Tuned in to make up a story about those in the court retiring
  93. Unravel a controversy from Belvedere
  94. Whatshisname is presumably one of those figures who is never recalled
  95. A fair amount of time involved in travelling to Nantes for those not necessarily welcomed?
  96. A French chaise longue with fourth and fifth panel switched? Bother!
  97. American relative loses the head inside the hostelry in Blitz
  98. Begrudge press agent releasing gasp
  99. Build complex with new capital
  100. Comes between volatile sides in The Apprentice with energy thats endless

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