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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 1-June-2021
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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 29-May-2021
  1. A dismissive order in Belgium from a flighty type
  2. Calls one-time lovers about the old coppers
  3. Caught in hotel surrounded by wild demesne
  4. Colourful type is one of those in a jam
  5. Cure is useless for those travelling overseas
  6. Director general welcomes the German back from Spain to do some work on ocean liner
  7. Eat away at a bread roll?
  8. Exposes to injury in nettles behind border
  9. Fay Wests problem might be caused by a skin irritation with this currently in place - you shouldnt be shocked
  10. Heading off from Hull on ship going from England to America with Greek hero
  11. Her companion admits a horse is laid out for Ascot?
  12. Its self-evident this describes whats genuine in fact
  13. Laid at the door of a man of letters opening debate
  14. Lawyer in Government is worn out by local pretentious types
  15. Let rip in local Zoom for teachers group
  16. Long-legged bird with white hat from Nags Head
  17. Loses the head on drink and goes into Alcoholics Anonymous - will the cardiologist be able to handle it?
  18. Officials on track to open 14 across with banks resources
  19. Old party mastermind in the wings
  20. One sheepish type raised by those at the end of 11 down having connections to the sea
  21. Orchestral leader not on tape is required by The Cars - and thats coming from The Press in Italy
  22. Papers name for Number 10?
  23. Popular car in race produced by one happy with a low profile
  24. Presumably someone clocked this might be how long it took the congregation to reply to priest
  25. Bad experiences - many people suffered these after they've retired
  26. Buck raised in Rush
  27. Cuts type of wood going into ship
  28. Educators missing our officers in training
  29. Employed in a classy drawing room by one informing the masters of tomorrow in a crafty way
  30. Extremes of Security Council bringing up statements that aren't true
  31. Finally settle after brief muddle in Navy
  32. Friend in Paris reviews manuscript by church leaders
  33. Go to pieces in Government following heart problem - it's like being hit by an asteroid
  34. Heartless old jailer produces the usual for Christmas
  35. Hitting one's stride going around in leather
  36. Importance of hams, pies, bananas
  37. Is missing from Bastille in the flames of Paris, for instance
  38. It's arbitrary in capital of Morocco, for starters
  39. It's exposed by old writer employed by the paper
  40. Last horse, cross on maiden run, checked by vet
  41. Latinos from delegations on the brink of something
  42. Made a difference to Bill holding party for top executives, etc., retiring
  43. Muck around on the banks to lay the groundwork
  44. Ned Eliot played with Erasure?
  45. One of those perhaps planning to take off broadcast by one of those overseas
  46. Singer in the choir is backing, for example, tenor and that woman in Toto
  47. This will definitely stop you going out for the night, as with this you won't have what's in 6 down
  48. Those controlling the apps from buggies around mid-afternoon, love golf
  49. Those working on the farm with gardening equipment - the lucky things
  50. Transforms fresh tapas around Dublin
  51. Turn a blind eye to the French judge
  52. What you might get from 22 across as a potential warning
  53. A foreign revolutionary raised by one getting things done is not likely to reach potential
  54. A snaky type put off ones stroke on second green
  55. Banks lightning strike, for example
  56. Bats in a building - dont touch them
  57. Catching odd intent from Government
  58. Either way, its covered up by Hindu deity in Turkey
  59. Every second character turning up in Memento is a shirty type
  60. Fill your boots in marsh without Furlong rolling in it
  61. Get lost on satnav coming from old womans accommodation
  62. Holds the waste material - mostly dead skin - and thats the writers point, in retrospect
  63. Hostility to two testaments, one missing the introduction
  64. Its overdone by reactionary Polish novelist on the fringes
  65. Looking back, bird living in Europe for the most part, takes lead from Prime Suspect
  66. Not farmed out by heinous criminal
  67. Old foreign market in Dublin?
  68. Order hot flan - is it fairly divided? No!
  69. Part of the complexity is way out
  70. Part of the plane found at the end of 1 across
  71. Punch knocks over great individual around middle of fight for good
  72. Put ones name down to confuse loner
  73. Radon rising from sink?
  74. Recall relative close to aunty as overly curious
  75. Retiring around Des Moines by pit
  76. Sample of revolutionary cupboard nutrients from much of Siberia
  77. Served up in coffee bars or thats the local criticism
  78. Side of pastrami without pasta
  79. State spy supplies those who used to go swimming
  80. Sun comes up behind motorway takeaway
  81. Switch at Terminus or dont get on at all
  82. Take turn out of laundrette walking on air?
  83. Things you hear in church - were they donated?
  84. Troublemaker in government lifts lid on Russian government in the traditional sense
  85. Turns up, key address thats inarticulate for the most part goes down sweet in Mississippi
  86. Where to find source of irritation personally beneath the largest organ
  87. Where you might find a nuisance in The Ground presumably?
  88. Where youre bound to find Ronnie? In the obvious place, youll find!
  89. Whipped up, served up and eaten by someone who loves cheese
  90. Working for all sides today from the start
  91. Absolute power of one umpire awful from start of match
  92. Allege this is the case over in Loire Valley
  93. Associate in Rush is not forgotten
  94. Create slop without a lot of pancakes
  95. Dont forget viral phenomenon about old teacher retiring
  96. Frustrated by a foreign politician consumed by present difficulties for the start
  97. Hand in transport review to American seat of learning
  98. Heard local cover up by detective offering reason for crash
  99. Identical to the four characters in The Killers setting up
  100. Is up days before those bound to take the strain

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