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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 24-May-2022
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 23-May-2022
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 21-May-2022
  1. Crush your opposition after eviscerating them - it makes graphic news
  2. They may investigate why Italian team gets cut back
  3. Sailors start to cut rations eight ways
  4. Sound equipment Nigeria had distributed
  5. Pretentious girl going after young man
  6. Report admitted after endless nonsense
  7. Nation's obese people exploited by the elite?
  8. Unusual scale for outside location
  9. Material effect sun had on sailor
  10. Old prospector makes more subtle case for outrageous try on
  11. They are joined by those seeking an explanation
  12. Academic gets involved in robbery for the pleasure of it
  13. Short revocation holding back secret
  14. Guide plays her party piece
  15. Reluctant to swallow artichoke heart unprepared - it might stick there
  16. He is in full clothing while doing it
  17. She is keen to rise in opposition to 24 down
  18. A material to be created - whenever!
  19. Speed merchant out to give you a rush?
  20. Control party lackey
  21. Run into hot ring? It may damage tissue
  22. Bear is quite loud during short life
  23. Threaten delay
  24. Extracting a rabbit - three times?
  25. Bright, but less so when son leaves
  26. Frantically cast around for missing female performers
  27. They include Mike and Oscar in their letters
  28. Singer caused old poet to recoil
  29. Bearded, Portobello playwright rose in order to do the cleaning
  30. Half-cut rabbit returned twice, I see - sounds pretty wild
  31. Fires URL around, maybe
  32. Discuss what to do with crackling, perhaps, with chef that we organised
  33. Put the last of 15 across on this, with a biscuit on the side maybe
  34. Bizarrely, lick taco; then drink this
  35. Threw Persian cat out in the morning creating kerfuffle but it blew over quickly
  36. One sly chap goes around to doctor for this
  37. Little Robert abandons potboiler being very refined
  38. I concur with this senior citizen, funnily - there's plenty here
  39. Sounds like ivy is wet
  40. X-men get entangled with space creature at ramshackle dwelling
  41. Could only fill flask, initially, for a pair of sweethearts with this
  42. Aid to digestion makes one feel alive, briefly, in South Africa
  43. Wag this when you 11 across
  44. A wide range of schoolchildren start to play guitar with this and don't use long lead
  45. Has capacity to report murder victim
  46. Write without taking sides and, oddly, clinch approval from this judge, maybe
  47. Hansel and Gretel should have tried leaving this, rather than breadcrumbs, as a more reliable, if bureaucratic, track record
  48. I must air broadcast regarding dessert
  49. Refer to this to see if they'll be displeased to eat around ten
  50. One can always find a lock here
  51. No chores, for a change and a big glass of beer.
  52. Audibly rhythmical, flowing movement
  53. Seal of approval for Charlie to snip top off little packet
  54. Curtailed trip with former American soldier to take this stand
  55. Sherpa, thankfully, discovered route
  56. Silly, first version abandoned by mid-afternoon
  57. Material available publicly about tour with corrupt clinician.
  58. Fraternise at the centre and learn regularly in order to gain enlightenment, maybe.
  59. A violent, prospective wife for the criminal.
  60. At the end of the day, people lose the head about this golden, delicious one.
  61. Might be the type of bean tallied by accountant at California job centre.
  62. Graduate left date to cook pasta sauce.
  63. Gentleman will abruptly lift this up.
  64. Reddish-brown concoction for user on street.
  65. Was cured and lasted, in other words.
  66. Might he react badly to informative type?
  67. Spiky little one plays mischievously on the streets.
  68. Held in awe although found in abundance.
  69. Sharp little stick took out Mrs Sayers' eye.
  70. Day starts with moderately soft rain.
  71. Northern Irish donkey brays harshly in this manner, perhaps.
  72. Crosses line at a Christian Brothers School, by mistake.
  73. 17 across turns up with famous Prussian for dinner.
  74. Jump ahead of theatre worker.
  75. Rotary style phone used twice, perhaps.
  76. Puzzle with takeaway, perhaps.
  77. Nine elephants, start to travel with leader of Bern and this alpine fellow.
  78. Etruscan vase is stuffed with fabric.
  79. I hear there's some planks at the back.
  80. Gave first performance without leader back in London.
  81. Excluded lawless conceptualist who had pocketed pencil.
  82. Goes off with nursery pals Oscar and Dara, initially, to get bat and prepare bases before he does this.
  83. Eccentrically unadorned, Beth has gone this way in a tizzy.
  84. 36 across this Greek witch goes, uncertainly, at labyrinth's edges.
  85. Little French quartets arrive following meal.
  86. Don't start to accept war-god's challenges.
  87. Catch up across in Rome.
  88. Close wound, perhaps, but anaesthetise while demonstrating.
  89. Awakens some October, mysteriously.
  90. Speaker here recently cut short, disgracefully.
  91. Pair of fathers go round to temple.
  92. Used chemical weapon to damage aged ship.
  93. Starts speaking to upperclass nobles to astonish them.
  94. In the zoo, rhino starts to eat pasta.
  95. Virginia, California and Northern Territories are free
  96. Weapon used to explode channel
  97. Cutting junk found around rubbish tip
  98. Sauna heat I adjusted - it could kill me!
  99. Go on and on about food
  100. Examples are found in places like Las Palmas and Zamboanga

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