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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 24-April-2019
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 23-April-2019
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 22-April-2019
  1. 8 across with heads of fish and most of 9 across is a staple of the chip shop
  2. Best offer for mature wine, for instance, sent over by a Rioja producer
  3. Cover of The Observer: England to yield erratically
  4. Foams out of false bottom in plastic container
  5. Glad to leave Stalingrad in coaches
  6. GP, for example, drink drives from the start
  7. Half the biography doesnt tell the truth of those who spent some time in the nursery perhaps
  8. I am passing myself off as being awesome
  9. In retrospect, made tracks with artist and tenor or with one of those doing voice-over
  10. Included in formulae developed going all the way back for work in the drugs trade
  11. Is this how youd describe the awful accommodation of the man downstairs, as its not much to look at?
  12. Larks in a wild island country
  13. Making a comeback running behind the others in Rome
  14. Nervous with no sun above
  15. One of the boys or one of the birds?
  16. One of The Shadows found in 8 across
  17. Open to women following a foreign type of music
  18. Oriental provides wrong answer in moral exercise putting Chinese to the test
  19. Pass off displays as a pastoral view of America
  20. Permit is only for foundation and might last a year if youve done a deal
  21. Put on the back burner or give someone their dinner
  22. Serving a drunk a numbers of ciders, the fermented types
  23. Studies of fish caught in organised patrols
  24. The allure of off-colour mint teapot
  25. They open production of The Apprentice
  26. This has nothing to do with why someone cant work out?
  27. Work out for certain, actor is missing
  28. Workers leader contacts major employer around port in a kindly way
  29. 18 across opens church in American state synonymous with the pulling power of gamblers in Las Vegas, for instance
  30. A number of waves sound terrifying in boat
  31. Beastly African cover-up of outing for the game with one of The Blazers
  32. Caught copper cutting joint - its a minor setback
  33. Caught on the border with drugs and is investigated by the guards
  34. Clip of those characters in 21 across popular with gangsters doing time
  35. Diamonds and cocaine hidden by playboy in a crunchy diet snack
  36. Doctor loses the head with churchwarden in public house playing Scottish music
  37. Its forbidden in the garden to start grumbling and arguing or creating the conditions for sour grapes perhaps
  38. Its the same old story - insurer is missing
  39. Jeer coming out of jewellers with dandy
  40. Most of the analysis on promissory notes is academic
  41. Number associated with crowd building case for risk takers being dealt a strong hand
  42. One foolish person entering Vichy misses hotel in the surrounding area
  43. Part payments for butchers topsides
  44. Put out short study for the drinkers to consume
  45. Restrain American supporting the milk producers in a bad mood
  46. See gross, crazy big cannibals
  47. Shaking like a leaf chopping up cedars
  48. Sidney admits pressure to extend credit outstanding
  49. Some uplifting worthwhile boycott of daggers
  50. Sticks close to convention park and puts down most of them for amusement
  51. Strange CIA terms covering first military truce
  52. Symphonist dismisses mint or aromatic plant from mint family
  53. Ten operas rewritten in international language
  54. Throwing down the gauntlet to relative in Waterford
  55. Use an anomaly to go to a medic to diagnose this
  56. Works at the gate guarding a space for loungers in Barcelona
  57. An expert on spelling perhaps, Clare is consumed by awful errors
  58. Charlie follows old partner to work with justification
  59. Cider drunk on holiday - was that someones shout
  60. Clip of Marilyn travelling through a place en route to African capital
  61. Club for golf starting off completed by Pinocchios father
  62. Couple of views in The Observer?
  63. Established the extremes of the Marquis de Sade
  64. Fill out form on both sides taking a hard line
  65. Going from country to country by motorway in, for example, top Rolls with worker
  66. Gran from Germanic nursery rhyme threesome
  67. Has a reputation for exposing type of philosophy thats not in favour of cover-up
  68. Head barman is working at the American bar in the officers mess
  69. Keep under lock and key, short academic test for older students at the end of examination
  70. Legionaries have no lingo for whats not as tough as it used to be
  71. Lost on Mars? For such a fee, this will get you back!
  72. Night-watchman spends a lot of time looking into space
  73. One of the locals is with her majesty in Muslim country
  74. One of those in the cast left out - the one sorting out Bill
  75. Problems for lots of children
  76. Prosecutors release cop as part of a suit
  77. Rivals were running for the medals for second place presumably?
  78. Sample of dream lifestyle reflected in what director produced
  79. Sample of sliced halloumi served in an Indian restaurant
  80. Saucy type upsets bowler in taking second wicket
  81. Shelter for brave women protected by Wise Guys at work - thats a reflection on them all
  82. Some characters target a manager backing up partner
  83. Trim boxer gets unusual invite intended as retribution
  84. Typhoon swirling around Spain is a tourist attraction
  85. A snobby character with title is wrong
  86. A waste of essential liquid in Dublin and Split
  87. AGM comes out of arguments and trouble
  88. Bit of advice for turning up in hospital
  89. Closes the mechanism and frame to take it in
  90. Content to square accounts in the neighbourhood
  91. Easily understand someones real motivations to flick through link to IKEA manual
  92. East Berlin dismisses ban, as its unproductive
  93. Equipped to open 36 across
  94. Fragment of YouTube audition of Parisian lover
  95. Frank in middle age is getting the show off the ground (7)
  96. Game in wild saved primarily by those posing the difficult questions
  97. Has a look at the stars and realises there is a problem
  98. Hauled up inside tunnel diversion, as out of service
  99. Hook and Sutherland dismiss result
  100. Leaders of ERG and dissension in Tory madness to attack eager, catty type, hiding in long grass

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