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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 22-January-2020
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 21-January-2020
Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Answers - 20-January-2020
  1. Airs from Tsarinas colourful types
  2. Backing up British politician - the one on his bike!
  3. Circle plate was on one side of table and is now on the other side
  4. Country doctor covers for former partner in charge
  5. Eccentric type of independent party embedded in American college
  6. Expose oneself illegally to plague local English spiv
  7. Hits a brick wall on both sides of Dublin terrace
  8. Is fond of the cast looking to get to grips with Moby Dick perhaps
  9. Is Grants boss in 1 down, for example?
  10. Italicised type is fanciful
  11. Job in the theatre limits Patrick Stewart
  12. Knock a Scot leaving chain stores
  13. Lack of a defence for former partner consumed by UNESCO collection
  14. Loses the head with tweet brought up about college thats blacklisted
  15. Lost in wild reeds out of the forest
  16. Medicinal herb for some induced illness
  17. Merciless type of woman from Takeaway
  18. Merits in novel produced by mass producer?
  19. Money matters to 9 across, as its a taxing job
  20. Ran away from remaining twins
  21. Return to the fray for plum-like fruit without a starter
  22. Served up sample of spaghetti meals to give out
  23. Spring, for the most part, is on schedule in charge of this type of overall treatment
  24. Stands in for De Niro when not in Redemptions
  25. Take one back for short dress in red
  26. Turn a blind eye without Beryl Flood
  27. Turns up bug catches one mystery man offering magic potion
  28. Unsympathetic to one new patient
  29. Rebellious Utah or Tennessee (Williams), for example
  30. A foreign, well-liked metropolis, needs no introduction in a state thats not hot
  31. A Frenchman in Revolution is not the first plant
  32. Alaska tanks hold six bottles of poit?n way up north perhaps
  33. Bug in police department captures assistant commissioner backtracking on answer
  34. Bulldoze over tops of outstanding natural area for noble folk
  35. Certain to get away from Latin-American tapir, for example
  36. Digs up iron bar found outside park by building in temporary setting
  37. Discredit Madeleine dismissing lie
  38. Epicentre of earthquake?
  39. Gym teacher out in the orchard
  40. Jolly Roger moves pirates on the high seas, as its the most important of its kind
  41. Longs to get out of Los Angeles with contract for Homeland, perhaps
  42. Make scene over old father downing tools
  43. Musicians electronic music in your old treatment thats not exclusive
  44. Not genuine rates laid out for the last of the fizz
  45. Open conversation with most of 1 across and half the town in 13 across
  46. Part of the column is to do with the stars including legend from America
  47. Precious sort gets a note about new point produced by old Greek commander
  48. Relative keels over unfortunately, going back to take a bow
  49. Rule from base off Bering Sea
  50. Source of irritation for man from Dacha showing off energy
  51. Suits those in 13 across on open sea
  52. The irony is, spectator is missing cast
  53. Two signs - one of them symbolically meaning nothing
  54. What Teddy has to look through perhaps with a hostile little pupil
  55. What would Dr Jekyll do suddenly to change direction on a street in New York?
  56. Woman taking local dope is the butt of a joke
  57. Bars report produced by those organising the match
  58. Bringing someone around to sway Trim is popular with Government
  59. Buzz from America is a thick-skinned sort
  60. Charlie follows old partner to work with justification
  61. Condition of Moor going around lost
  62. Finishes studio job too late for musician to play
  63. Gave up on dress designer
  64. Holiday report by the writer will help one to slow down
  65. Isnt saying much, as Adam is consumed by diplomacy covering The Ashes
  66. Its a small part of the bigger picture with outfit on patrol
  67. Make a big effort to completely get the joke
  68. Malthusian didnt get this from female graduate
  69. One Direction join one of The Eagles briefly in Europe for version of Alternative Ulster perhaps
  70. Part of the diagnosis terrified medical practitioner
  71. Poser from takeaway has no idea
  72. Refuse to move from here as it sounds like fun to tell stories to caddy
  73. Rocky Lowell is tapping into natural energy
  74. Rubber taint from tea strainer?
  75. Run ones eyes over report into whats prevalent in the betting industry
  76. Spuds volume, for example, with Beatles melody
  77. That man consumed by potential wealth in Moby Dick?
  78. The missing part of Hamlets putdown?
  79. The most immaculate castle on meadow with tree house
  80. The oldest member of unsettled Leeds first team
  81. They could be significant for director in May - the one honouring The Mummy (61,3)
  82. Underhand type of participating Stockholm banks
  83. Very small amount amidst audiotapes
  84. Works in the stable and yard with tramps companion
  85. Acknowledges swans flying over English river
  86. Advice for crossing a minefield from individuals following guard dogs around (5,31,4)
  87. Avoid writing to one of those on the run
  88. Bails out of East Berlin to move into??
  89. Banks cash machine staff
  90. Beckons a criminal behind view to take precautions (5,31,4)
  91. Bit of breakfast undercooked served up with crackers
  92. Cold type from summit in Nice heading off to Cork
  93. Crazy tips for Adam n Eve after awful sin
  94. Dress shop welcomes a quiet, old female writer
  95. Drink for sides on bench? Water!
  96. Educationalist produced review consumed by parishioners
  97. English novel revamped with professional cover
  98. Garland returns to trio in Dixieland
  99. Heard coming out of jazz club, foreign politician in genuine trouble from the start
  100. Horrified losing order with sound system

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