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  1. Gazing at The Head on a foreign country briefly from the side of a ship
  2. Occupied by a thought
  3. Fathers outfit seen in the crystal ball
  4. New canoe is first class going around Pacific Region
  5. Visually inspect in a condescending way research article on Dublin local Blues
  6. Enjoys a buffet with astute butcher consuming duck
  7. Local nasty gossip dug up by both sides in District Court
  8. The serious matter of turning up on one liner
  9. Country ends appalling practice nowadays of accepted conventions
  10. Keeps an eye on those in various guises starting for all sides today
  11. Stop group of Seals holding back resentment
  12. Concealed by Kennebunkport sea monsters raised by wizard
  13. Its a bobble variety and a range from Dahlia garden
  14. Russian removes sari - it can be too warm at times
  15. Is it a badge of honour for church starting witchcraft? Mostly!
  16. Produces scrubs, crops as expected
  17. In Paris, I got wealthy by outsourcing from the start to the old city
  18. Oscar and Arnold Rock from American city
  19. Give the shocked view of The Observer as peer joins department after bombshell
  20. One of those working overseas with airmen flying at the end of tether
  21. Femme fatale on the outskirts of San Sebastian getting to grips with hot temper
  22. Obtain from rowing boat to shoot up
  23. Family counselling at the foundation, three up from Number 10?
  24. Most of 16 down from Vogue
  25. Upsetting in Louisiana, Oklahoma? Thats a riddle you wont work out!
  26. Directed Ones Gaze with leads from Top Hat? Every role had the appearance that it was typecast perfectly!
  27. Last longer than others under the watchful eye of leaders from area in revolutionary Romania
  28. Stumps evil type we hear joining society
  29. Considered to be printing matter? In deed!
  30. Its poetic - grass on the weekend is an escape
  31. Stable employee with internal email address
  32. Bomb found in some of the Sevastopol fortifications going all the way back
  33. Is patronising to gents from The Palace finding its low in spirits to order? Whats new!
  34. Rome warned about them in sides with identity crises
  35. Irish girl finds youth leader for womens board
  36. Pay attention to large institute dividing the tennis players in courts in retrospect
  37. Had child in Bible as a follower, for example? Not first off!
  38. Opera in run produced for one of the festivals