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  1. Once you have it, youll never lose it, as those interested in The Cure on the radio, love loud music at Project
  2. Couple of thousand at academy parodied by one of those in a pack?
  3. Old city in old South African province is as normal as it gets
  4. Classified by writer coming after The Jesuits, for example
  5. What you might need if youre putting the boot in The Gloss is obvious to hide
  6. Necessity to remove insect? Absolutely!
  7. Birdhouse from Outer Hebrides is a perfect place for a nest
  8. Superpower provides key to Crimea suffering
  9. Lords and ladies dismissing dandies and bucks
  10. Some interloper at event or function
  11. All backed leaders generous attention welcomed by The House of Representatives
  12. Jobseeker dropping beers is object of ridicule
  13. Restore Carry on Again?
  14. Its a mistake losing the head with local rascal
  15. Ramble on foot covering Dublin to Donegal
  16. For the observers following the spy from underground cells
  17. Places to stay for Mickey and Huckleberry heading off
  18. English beers, including golf, welcomed by the swingers of course
  19. One of those in local is similar to 34 across
  20. Direct Rocky with cash advance
  21. Omen from newcomer pulling the strokes
  22. Counter with ale from East Anglia
  23. Whats great about head on wild rose?
  24. Odd menu includes tea with little measure of spice
  25. Caught short with no thoughts on The Road
  26. What the man of the cloth might do to pour oil on troubled waters?
  27. Making beer - end product requires a nice head to show it off perhaps
  28. Attach? caught up with jazz fan
  29. State regime change involves Frenchmen and new general
  30. Jockeys silks, for example, in stable
  31. Reviews part of the hospital faculty where the nurses might be sharing
  32. Its empty talk sending up actors agent in part
  33. Ran out of Antwerp and broke down
  34. Is not professional from a mature model
  35. Presumably, you have to hand it to dad signalling out the old man
  36. For Christmas with heartless old jailer
  37. One of those on the beer or fizz
  38. Endless red wine to declare