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  1. Leave it, as its fairly unique in strike march to The Foundation
  2. Watch golf with young woman - thats a solitary spectacle?
  3. Is it satisfactory place is empty to an acceptable extent?
  4. The sparkling stuff could be Asti excluding some initially for the major celebrities
  5. Head off to war on unfinished waterway with mysterious types
  6. Temporary occupant of port city in Germany hasnt finished engineering
  7. English neighbour with mascots out with Dublin side
  8. Seeing the vision without any outside interference, Yankee upset over writer
  9. Dismissed detectives accused in the station
  10. Ring is one example of the sort kept in a cell in America
  11. Contemplates losing the head with exercises
  12. One of those types with cauliflower head puts up note on old police force
  13. Change whats in 10 across and 24 across
  14. Night-watchman spends a lot of time looking into space
  15. Leave most of The Independent copy heading in old language
  16. Isolated without lost member of staff
  17. Tries on leaving chain stores in the capital
  18. In retrospect, more mature about a service
  19. The Hacienda handled two types of drugs
  20. Fool torn over one very good piece of food
  21. Spies American reporting Lou
  22. Double agents dont get stoned in the expensive fish restaurant
  23. Rome, for one, and Milan sacked by militancy
  24. Difficult for daughters to get rid of guest
  25. Picked out unfamiliar details about Ring
  26. Changed ones mind reading English-German philosopher to the audience for editor
  27. Odd menu includes tea with little measure of spice
  28. Most of the regiment is not well in Rush