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  1. 1,000 at university consumed by cacophony - Up Mayo!
  2. Resist leaving dessert wines in Scandinavia
  3. Popular revolutionary going to joint endlessly for overseas tips from extreme sceptics
  4. Joint found in The Lautumiae going all the way back
  5. What Angus is bound to look through is sweet (41,3)
  6. Had words with revolutionary getting to form a union for most of them from Greece we hear
  7. Use track with recurring melody on both sides of Morning Glory to aid recall
  8. Flipping crafty type on Elba replaces novice with bishop - the one in charge of the convent
  9. Turn on the waterworks for last shift producing endless pieces of cut glass
  10. Beluga swimming around Florida - its a sign of a clean beach
  11. Teach the guards how to work Pulse presumably in Kent, for instance?
  12. Ally is out of line ignoring fool
  13. Small sheets of paper produced by Sancho Panza, for one
  14. A large unruly crowd from State put away for a long time
  15. Romanian neighbour admits taking top off trophy and smashing?
  16. Caught in Ocean-liner with Gangsters - the headlines in the tabloids
  17. Region, hub, settlement? One of them is presumably on next doors doorstep!
  18. One of those employed in pizzeria to cut down on the Parmesan - Pecorino is better we hear
  19. Half the cast puts into words or fluffs the lines
  20. Well-ventilated restaurants finally set up in the country
  21. Given a wide berth in Split on ones own
  22. Upsets a group of workers in charge of producing the pictures
  23. Clears out part of the roof said to include area with copper, leads, aluminium, tin
  24. The Cure working in theatre in Spain
  25. Beau lost out, as theres no other option
  26. Standard of university in America close to port
  27. A park leads in all respect to yard in Queens home
  28. Serves soup to a number of those in Limerick