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  1. Loud speakers overly sentimental period cut short at school
  2. Its stretching the truth to say Bob has no part in lobbying
  3. Try to get out of the cemetery by going across the public address system
  4. First to yell out names for stooge
  5. The ultimate put-downs by 11 down finishing the point
  6. Endless enthusiasm, etc., swallowing one type of bubbly
  7. Ruined recent pie? You cant get more shocking than that!
  8. Crafty about mode of transport going to Clare? Hardly!
  9. Put your money on the Ulster team to give up
  10. Briefly study issue with some common sense
  11. Picture what only you are capable of, you poser
  12. A subtle difference to new Irish Nationalist from Clare
  13. Odd lapse over time in China
  14. Most of the beer in hamper could be the usual
  15. Launched around the far side of Canaveral - surprised?
  16. Turns up, most of the space taken up by non-drinkers is for greeting overseas party
  17. Hurt added a touch of colour without effect at the foundation
  18. This is one for life, for instance
  19. Essence found in Spain, French department and in Germany
  20. Shows pictures of mine engineer in California
  21. Dug up in elegiac cemetery in holy city
  22. Reading material for barman on the breakfast bar
  23. Crab finds Labour is no place for the men
  24. Produces rocky road, for one, if no concrete ordered
  25. Avoids shop for Cubans and the one that doesnt cure the meat
  26. Opens 11 down for some leading union members
  27. A stiff Government ceremony organised by one involved in a plot? Give voice to this grave concern!
  28. Nags Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves presumably