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11-February-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Wine bar ignores ban on the electric amp
  2. Included in Vespa personalised for archivist going to work
  3. Wear out over shirt with most of 21 down from The Spring Collection?
  4. Goes with Maria, furious with whats fair-to-middling?
  5. True icon excited by obsessive type
  6. European from Japan?
  7. Theyll give you a better view of troubled doper? Yes!
  8. Demonstrates shed sander carved poles
  9. Strange noises in ship produced by the musicians on the beer
  10. Code for that man in Pincer Movement
  11. Sample of ultimate figs served up with cheese
  12. What those involved in D?il cover-up did? - The Irish Times editor took article home
  13. Party pooper produces wine thats off from the start
  14. One farm developed with benefits and introduction to oligarch? Unfortunately, it looks that way! (11,6,2)
  15. Is this somewhat consuming Jordan? It borders on arachnophobia!
  16. Will save us reviewing the overnight phenomenon of The Dreamers - without the introduction it could be for The Birds
  17. Hazy vision kept under scrutiny - youll need 17 down for this condition!
  18. Type of mushroom clouds to the right of Haiti burst with kinetic energy
  19. Ghostwriter has no right to high rises
  20. Trendiest coming out of Downing Street in formal wear
  21. Engage the services of gal from Raleigh
  22. The property of the gentry in England and Ireland
  23. Cover-up somewhat ticks off one of those in The House
  24. Social secretary loses royalties, in short
  25. Banks sales initiative in Budget
  26. Resistance to American priest retiring to place in Israel
  27. Openings for whats absent in TripAdvisor perhaps
  28. Its nonsense taking all the characters back to take a left out of Rialto towards hotel