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11-January-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Proportions in starters of ripe avocados tells its own story
  2. Good Lord!
  3. Policeman blows top with jerks hanging out of the bar
  4. Foreign Legions flavoured liqueur
  5. Participants in the Cesarewitch reviewed in The Times
  6. Figured out what Alberto Giacometti concealed, backfired
  7. Old stager misses alerts from a mans best friend
  8. When prisoner has to think about, at a stretch, that momentary glance in The Mirror
  9. Cowboy endlessly lacking in the social graces from Ring
  10. No work for bookworm to pick-up?
  11. Bloom is the first to blubber at bereavement of leading Frenchman
  12. This is rejected by stylish, crafty type
  13. Mess around dropping manures in the grass patch
  14. A key hang-out for one having roots in Asia
  15. This doesnt leave a minute for dinner break presumably
  16. Key to playing Gaelic produced by mournful type, as the linesman sees it
  17. Sounds like someone going to Rome in the future could be a back-packer?
  18. It might generate some interest for longshoreman on the banks
  19. Refurbished a flat - its deadly
  20. Hotel in drab part of The Marina
  21. Popular landmark for those who have horse sense
  22. Found on foot from an old city in Turkey
  23. Photograph and piece often aimed at the birds in the country
  24. Finish your drinks and, as Im on that subject, dont drink and drive
  25. One serial adaptation of Living in the Middle East
  26. Writer admits being behind with deadline for High Spirits
  27. Desperately hungry for first course flipping ones lid
  28. Old instrument produced by theatres not in Harley Street
  29. Type associated with all sides today
  30. Conceitedly produces a vinyl reproduction
  31. Most of those in 30 across from some Djibouti metropolis
  32. Bengals drop ban in stages
  33. This doesnt take long for one school head teacher to lose the head on rant
  34. Lippy type from golf club needing no introduction
  35. Streaming photos for distribution, statistically speaking, to somewhere with Wi-Fi
  36. Japanese hostess in Newbridge is hardworking
  37. Sink ones teeth into both sides of bitter chocolate
  38. Is unable to wait for handicap chase