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11-January-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. On the telephone? Kurt Blunt!
  2. Broadcast switch found in part of The Clock - Mondays issue, its said
  3. Jazz hour in South Dakota? Around one of those getting waked!
  4. Irishman in Bundesliga eleven
  5. Go away with reportedly Sonny on holiday
  6. Wayward angel crosses leaders generally under arrest, in a manner of speaking
  7. Expanse of marl dug out of Lombardy
  8. Troubles supremacists stamping out racism?
  9. Become greater with a sincere appraisal
  10. Stop crossing Swords with everyone taken in by accountant offering a temporarily break from troubles
  11. Annoying situation as big cheese on starter of antipasti isnt finished? Take a mouthful!
  12. Sample of the natural gases found in seaweed
  13. American principal takes class briefly with characters - the type particularly good at mathematics
  14. Quite familiar with American university and institute in Greece its said
  15. A retweet from speed merchants selling forgeries to crafty types perhaps
  16. Nights out around Utah when business is in the process of closing down
  17. Its what many people get up to in Clare? Thats genuine!
  18. Got along with party after hearing hotel worker
  19. Wined and dined setting up Fourth of July challenge
  20. Felt hat he removed from forehead
  21. Turns up, kind of mail sent to accommodation around Offaly town is egregious
  22. Blown fuse found in university - how handy is that?
  23. Top dog to back for all the characters
  24. Audition leading thespians ahead of unit going to Belgium - and in that, you will find your solution perhaps?
  25. Some laidback incumbent sacked by the players?
  26. Angelic figure from revolutionary Russia starting to break
  27. Roaming without man of Italian race
  28. Add more colour than is required over egg?