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  1. Wild roar over casket produced by one of those from the pit
  2. Observed Old Bob getting around Iris with diamonds
  3. Type of arrangement all for mischief
  4. Follows in the footsteps of cooks caterers
  5. Tiptoe away from pretentious surgeons assistant
  6. Conventional type of wild flora around motorway
  7. The Star-Spangled Banner is obviously a type of country music?
  8. Cancel review by court on the money
  9. Take back off-colour espressos
  10. Attlee strangely entertains old women employed in The Kitchen
  11. Priest travelling with amazing type who is a bit of a legend
  12. A Room With a View perhaps produced by Studio
  13. Presents the news - there are no ties in chain store
  14. Peters treatment is arranged in advance
  15. One is extremely tense holding the butterflies presumably
  16. Where some people go for their dates all year round, on paper
  17. Lively sort on the board is full of gas at the present time and deflated afterwards
  18. Turns up nice road is not closed around Ascot?
  19. Fill the gap at The Mouth - the person working on the bridge could do that
  20. Threatens to ignore rant in the paper
  21. Come across place for right terminal
  22. Terrible bad luck of American behind loss of face at waterworks
  23. Be unsure that man is retiring from foreign museum
  24. Siberian criminal living on Spanish border
  25. Accepted no threat in article of faith
  26. Presumably a lot of people saw straight through Casement
  27. Pilot study of trail mix
  28. One of those at The Abbey is popular with the foreign women related by marriage