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  1. Getting poets out of Sevastopol - the military would be capable of that
  2. Stain that is generally left by p?t? removed from table top
  3. Fish over lakes on rocky arid summits and around part of United States
  4. Some characters break a leg in 15 across
  5. Cake menu - the first from Ireland for half the guests
  6. Rocky period in the past for individual, in part
  7. As keen as mustard for Moore to be taken out of road movie
  8. Part of warehouse receipt for consumer
  9. Order it officially for new road going up north
  10. One doing work for Violet
  11. Worried about sea dog in trouble
  12. Local capital isnt finished? Crikey - what could one create with the smallest amount of dough!
  13. Turns up the foreign ban on cattle is initially relentless
  14. Jokes about old short, heartless lie produced around the clubs
  15. Suspicious tendencies of soldier on a small charge arising from being absent
  16. Flawed coup takes in the French Nationalist going to Spain with great wealth
  17. Sounds like Freuds holiday plans with presumably self-catering options
  18. Constance has no son and its a sign of stress, in a manner of speaking
  19. Shafts most of 10 across from society
  20. AXA Ireland out of place in Egypt
  21. Rebellious head censor in old Rome lost his head in the plot?
  22. A part of Sandra Bullock elevated by Shakespeare
  23. Park at the end of 15 across
  24. Opens novel over the weekend it is said
  25. Log in leaving invigilator the unimportant facts
  26. We lost out in the end presumably
  27. Leak report of remarkable danger in Spuds patch
  28. Theologian in race to get basic, opening argument thats moderately challenging