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  1. Dance lessons in school after 15 across
  2. Packing them in for mystery man at home in marsh
  3. Young animal found in the country mostly
  4. Characters in revolutionary, ill-chosen adaptation in a state with Hamlet
  5. Old Sam Maguire, for one, taken in by extremely chatty people
  6. Unfinished museum of shoddy jewellery
  7. Bill covers up something similar to 35 across to right of carnivorous plant
  8. Narrow one's search, as it is missing from Patisserie
  9. Tortes from tea trolleys in a narrow passageway
  10. An option if you haven't seen The Bridge as a means to overcoming a current problem perhaps
  11. Jon Higgins, a crafty type in both senses?
  12. There's no acai in Saint Lucia to put down locally?
  13. It's just not cricket for flipping cricket club having a couple of ducks
  14. Storm over old man is local nonsense
  15. Go on a date to old French bar and cause trouble
  16. Single's out for Jack Getz on the radio?
  17. For the pictures of a cream pie
  18. Served up in Muscatel - mighty for a cocktail
  19. Flighty type consumed by attitude
  20. Relative of Daisy - one of the local faces associated with endless quality
  21. Clever clogs in news agency
  22. One of the wild young types known for his pride in 21 down
  23. University School after characters in 33 down - in the sink business, they rarely put their heads above water
  24. Brutal unpleasant smell near area in the bar
  25. Note in a composition by one who learned his lessons in England
  26. Turns up, those treated like dogs in The House broach government comment made to audience initiating a resignation
  27. Auden left unsteady, messy place
  28. Leinster- briefly carried by Porter - has a good chance of being left in The Cup
  29. A number of issues to do with previous Union's darlings raised by close relatives
  30. Took a picture of back rashers on a roll
  31. Japanese runner covers up part of Hiroshima tattoo
  32. The option to cure - will that save someone's bacon?
  33. Head turner with connection to one of The Windsors
  34. Sounds like Trim or Ring?
  35. Forward movement synonymous with all sides today
  36. Sharp look of the soldier in staff car heading for Utah
  37. Flower and top soil found in Bordeaux, for one
  38. Rose is a product of the bakery