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  1. Treasures a report covering up what on paper whitewashes mistakes
  2. Family with women taking holy orders, for example, introducing reform essential to the old office
  3. Starter of mushroom risotto prepared for one of those getting out of Dodge, perhaps
  4. Court order to close tavern in park relates to one of those in 10 across turning yellow
  5. Sets up agent from America in government taking an interest in the classified documents?
  6. Centre of attention in Ring - yard at school provides outlets for the smokers
  7. Pilot study amidst the white storks
  8. Can siestas work for those who need a helping hand?
  9. Overreacts leaving service station with promotional links to the films, for example
  10. A chance for redemption with low-fat salt made in Clare
  11. Mount concealed in the Panama redwood
  12. Illustrations by Batty, Darwin and Gauss given to Society
  13. Half the criticism falls back on a city in Italy
  14. Trim bar is an asset one associates with the singer at the same time
  15. Finished work on high trees in swamps
  16. Take a bribe to reveal a secret
  17. Egyptians release tiny book collections
  18. Some characters develop useful work by the artist
  19. Complainers have no spice as usual
  20. Sample of gazpachos tested by entertaining type
  21. Catch sight of The Borders tourist traps coming back
  22. Performing in Canada playing a snaky type
  23. Agile figure takes cars from upper class
  24. New users possibly out of the hospital
  25. Make a stylish impression on Pierce and Bill in the forest
  26. Haunts complex in Panama
  27. You and I review party for returning neighbours - the difficulty is getting the numbers right
  28. Grey matter found on the banks of Mississippi Sound