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  1. Finish Le Mans getting clipped by English leader going the wrong way
  2. Take a hike in casual clobber that goes with one shirt
  3. Do come off main road for harbour
  4. Sailor in Visitor Centre of Andorra is a ladys man from 1 across
  5. Bring Joy to Spain after the deadline
  6. Person having fling is always acting the maggot perhaps
  7. Arguments after rugby match tending to set precedents in relation to those on the bench
  8. Outspoken report produced in old European capital
  9. Not wrong about father with single rival in Ring
  10. Its not important to women from Panama, in any case
  11. Threatening criminal came in at the end of altercation with force
  12. Incident in a party atmosphere
  13. The type of economics that leads to blockade?
  14. Flying in the face of danger, swoop down on type of pike first of all, burning on my barbecue
  15. The Fleets na?ve drunk on bender
  16. Dramatise for President of Ireland presumably
  17. Sounds like advice to put that woman in The Picture as the bank official
  18. Crackers to go with starters of raita in deli in European capital
  19. Put to work by mate in Lebanon close to the money with something that is idiot-proof
  20. Best possible result at university for one who is practically hard to please
  21. Parties to bar elections all over the place
  22. Anger at work in the autumn in New York as one is employed to keep out bugs
  23. One of those notions youd associate with 16 down is perfect
  24. Judge again is about to take a boat from Spain around seas
  25. Indirect reference to everyone from America at the heart of espionage
  26. These neat cocktails from house in Dublin
  27. Foreign dish with pearl barley? A Bandon berry!
  28. The key woman in Mountjoy