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  1. Fear and trembling on first tee leads to inaccuracy
  2. Sea lunch cooked in The Marine for the boatmen
  3. Class is responsible for volume typical of secretarial college
  4. Rows with co-authors losing touch
  5. Artist leaves train station in the country
  6. Revolutionary light spray initially stimulating for drug dealers
  7. Report of university accommodation in storage site
  8. Mythologist downs tools - its great for the locals
  9. Works at The Bar and does a job for the jury
  10. Lovers tune adapted by those who werent conscripted
  11. The total expenditure of removing wrens from crows nests
  12. Hes not in Flemish motion picture
  13. State of a bankers mistake
  14. Greenish-blue spirit found around summit on Islay out of tank
  15. Seedy types of tomatoes released to me
  16. Doing the arrangement for mouthy type at Number One getting to do a number
  17. Sarahs devious with Harry
  18. Breakdown of Asians travelling around central Ireland with foreign currency
  19. Rooted to tree on motorway
  20. A tad revolting with numbers to crunch
  21. Revolutionary held by Mao Tse-tung put on trial
  22. Offer suggestions to Davis negotiating with European leader
  23. Marks successor gets capital punishment for extreme crime in our community
  24. Turns up, Sally got awards at university with a number of writers synonymous with the Daily Record
  25. Its about a family member who is gifted and fair
  26. Stops along the route in bar near course for the guards
  27. Having a thing for most those in 8 across and in Government
  28. Some interim data reviewed with respect