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  1. Inherited missing herd as part of whats linked to the deal
  2. Reconnect a refrigerator inside for the honey producers to collect
  3. Foreign Republicans recall memory of wholesale slaughter
  4. Picture what only you are capable of, you poser
  5. Director working with at least one of them in accounts
  6. Opening that paper for nice friends causes waves of disturbances
  7. New Yorker produced article about unstable Crimea
  8. Local asked for money for recording about Progressive Democrats?
  9. Writing on dense assembly put in The Post again
  10. Leased complex, as its yet to open
  11. Van Dyke and Lincoln, for example, in Panda with detective
  12. Its of little significance to committee member working overseas
  13. Searched for bugs around a foreign head of spies enjoying a hot spot
  14. Instrument in planes carried by the chippies
  15. Reduced the quality of pitch for Dublin and one of the teams in Ulster
  16. Give a gun to contract agent in watering hole for the time when theres more heat
  17. Presumably those involved in road safety campaign are used by a major employer as being bullet proof
  18. Distinguished scientist designed Sat Nav
  19. Party note resistance of one of the workers
  20. Advice to man of letters, mafia leader, half of Wellington and one of The Kinks
  21. Nine leaving Indonesia or, in a manner of speaking, for one leaving Spain?
  22. Measure out the back post
  23. Loath to leave chocolatier - a master of Latin prose
  24. Withdraw a statement about gangster leaders of Camorra in Tuscany region not willing to accept discipline
  25. Lawyer finds hot, new programs available at The Bar
  26. Tests part of complex Amstrad
  27. Its canonical to Cork member of the clergy
  28. Reynolds dismisses sly type with no sting in tail