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  1. Support, in a manner of speaking, for sanest bully
  2. Heads on beer in Gloucestershire and Cheshire produced by the main man
  3. Slippery US cobras can be rough and unattractive
  4. Get going without it for Christmas drink
  5. Second hole is for the golfers testing their drivers by lodge
  6. Could this be used to damage the reputation of a person in 21 across? On your bike!
  7. Remain out of air terminal for pilot study
  8. A Bandon posting of holiday job?
  9. Pursue arty one making shapes - a base type similar to one of those in 3 down
  10. Nutter in trouble providing a source of nourishment
  11. No time in Middle East to put one over on Arabian
  12. Where the flies are kept in Ring is not fair
  13. Its served in prison in place of midday break traditionally at one oclock
  14. Volume by Trump, in its local form, primarily authored by Moscow
  15. Hell-raiser gets grief from producer
  16. Study in hostelry popular with One Direction could be filled with crumbs when empty
  17. Grouse or beef, both for the locals?
  18. Site from seventies with flats
  19. Delegation dine out in the Italian parlour
  20. School dinner one can bring home or secretly scrutinize while sitting in a car perhaps
  21. A drug bust in the police station
  22. Raises louse found on mushroom and in a jam
  23. Picks up note in river from leading Hungarian philosopher
  24. Novel by a foreign unsophisticated type
  25. Woos those characters opening 5 down for society
  26. Last month, old judge produced paper
  27. Was not in saltwater to put off ones stroke
  28. Huge sows produced by ?? Thats the question youll have to have a stab at!