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  1. One making a speech overlooking river starting trouble in row leading to obscenities
  2. 19 down and 1 across produced with icing, fruit and nuts
  3. No need for present-day Napoleon of the baking industry?
  4. Local unpleasant person running Seoul
  5. Grant in Cork needs no introduction
  6. The irony is, spectator is missing cast
  7. Every second character in Carlow speaks off the top of head without fail
  8. Shrewd bargaining by Arabian doing a bit of dealing
  9. Dana sung arrangement with the group from Kampala
  10. Sample of the fabrics found around Cork - it just shows you the times and how fast they're going?
  11. Completes the crossword, for instance, successfully or discovers the solutions
  12. Ridiculous sign carried by daft poseur
  13. Be quite and don't say another word that's top secret
  14. Poison from mountaintop's freak of nature
  15. Anger at work in the autumn in New York, as one is employed to keep out bugs
  16. Nothing doing as short legal proceeding divides The Bar
  17. Merry English tyrant is not finished with Ireland - and that's not heartless?
  18. Journalist after trial did a fact check
  19. Went over the water for writing that's outstanding
  20. Free in the working sense to take a photograph of The Branch
  21. Sonata, air, medley for those in need of recuperation
  22. Disturbed by advertisement about Soldier Museum
  23. Set overlooking a small valley, for example?
  24. Complex rural need of one employed as a cleaner
  25. Rush around at home serving up one with afternoon tea
  26. Bringing one to heel by going to court over the odd bad guy
  27. Pushes joints?
  28. Bar in park is about to introduce drinks in guide that appeals to cruciverbalists