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  1. Very uncommon firsts in rock-and-roll excesses
  2. Friend to a key metaphysician and a scientist digging herself into an early grave presumably
  3. Strange allure of Hardy's partner, the joker
  4. Early release of light opera about first love
  5. Secretariat holds this back from judge
  6. Doctor from a city in Europe
  7. Put away for a very long time to compost
  8. Describes the characters in 25 across, for example, of late
  9. One of the Freedom Fighters vocal on the circuit
  10. Dance in Madrid with love interest from the army
  11. Not being a disciple of modernity, is unlikely to change one of those studied by 15 across
  12. A measure of the drugs business that's common in Limerick, Sligo, The Capital by some distance
  13. Newscaster went off Pat
  14. Judge Deed from the start was considered special
  15. In a crafty way, behind company heading off to get sea eagle shortly
  16. Turns up, Washington realises, whichever way you look at it, this is a plaything that requires a balancing act
  17. Fragment of Thomas Aquinas's autobiography is found in The Bahamas
  18. Sounds like those with pride in workmanship at the centre synonymous with Limerick
  19. Drink for pirate travelling to island on top of flagship
  20. Second class liner built in European city
  21. Did as one was told following short address that's played up
  22. Pulses regarded as essential to Leo and others
  23. Denier's novel about sign of the times and those in the bookmaking business whose work is at an end
  24. Omen produced by Pharaoh over fairly ugly old city
  25. Central to backward popular opinion, in a manner of speaking
  26. No limit to tribalism in some public houses
  27. Nags Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves presumably
  28. It's not very hot all around Costa del Sol?