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  1. Number one from Slade associated with audience in watering hole
  2. A number of instruments on display at rock discos in US for Talking Heads
  3. Meredith has no time for that type of mentality
  4. Is not short of covering up parental leave
  5. Get it in the neck from the butcher in post over Charlie contacting paper
  6. The odd wild yeast in time for mid-March
  7. Fixed tie clip containing cross - that's crystal clear
  8. Take for granted part of the overseas sum earned
  9. Drunk porter outside church has a nerve - apparently responding to seeing the light!
  10. Solve the mystery with one nice twist
  11. Contract offer is blindly loyal to one side in agreement involving more than one party
  12. Region in Belgium around Li?ge and Ghent
  13. Clean your spark plugs in backward place around hill on a beach that needs no introduction
  14. Person checking food for impurities removed bone - the stunning type
  15. Brings up the foreign course at school without fail
  16. Never a dull moment following a Parisian routine
  17. It's hard to believe 10 across is with tenor on the beer
  18. In due course was redraft wrong?
  19. Whopping great sides on humpback bridge
  20. French wine for young man sent back with duck order, a speciality of Indian restaurant
  21. Temporary dwelling accommodating a new occupant
  22. Fatherly type of white-collar worker?
  23. Soothe one that is charged with allegation
  24. Distribution of edition covering party in Africa
  25. Shreds reviews for leads from Abbey, Lyric and Helix
  26. Colour sergeant doesn't get rest cure by inland lake
  27. Pull out of this place in a manner of speaking
  28. Central to backward popular opinion, in a manner of speaking