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  1. Goes from pub to pub to put on a show involving legend and sister making a comeback
  2. You wont hear him if youre asleep or sound asleep?
  3. From the start, 14 across opens never-ending story stupidly out of negligence
  4. They act as reminders to the kitchen staff of the early bird and the ones that tend to go off?
  5. Exchanged notes in Vogue, almost fairly racy
  6. Sounds like somewhere one could find jumpy characters - one living off the other
  7. Cop taken from Princeton jail
  8. Ran to ground in Ring by journalist
  9. Casual mini with elegant top is reduced
  10. Pole only makes a mess of material
  11. Briefly study issue with some common sense
  12. Most of the players take trophy to part of China
  13. A star from club is charged in South American capital
  14. Makes sense of the convolutions in 10 new viewpoints
  15. Having a look behind the curtain - thats a job for the agency
  16. Give the green light to remove lint from table linen
  17. Typical of the vinegar seeping through the bag for a family getting last single in Takeaway
  18. Footy treatment of rude epic novel
  19. Start a fight - is that the view of the war correspondent?
  20. English judge contacts workers in retweet for another view of the same material
  21. Socialite dismisses sect as a saucy type
  22. Conference after 4 across could cost lives according to British wartime propaganda
  23. Popular type from The Den and one of those responsible for A Scare at Bedtime perhaps
  24. Cash in on his missing list of quality books
  25. Open Tequila in tiny bar travelling in France
  26. Boredom is central to French university
  27. Middle class angry in area with salty water over in England
  28. Julius Caesar got rid of juries - how flippant is that?