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  1. Meeting leaders perhaps misrepresented as rich
  2. Vehicle for first team managed by school head from coastal city
  3. Made a play for amateur society in revolutionary first drama
  4. Types of forecasts that lose face
  5. Humble Wordsworth works in Montana
  6. They have a reputation for employing rats in the French Bora-Bora? A fair amount of politicians!
  7. From an educational prospective, master butcher argued over a bone
  8. Source in The Yard keeps distance from The Sun?
  9. Does tail wag in quarantine?
  10. Plagiarise review and column and take credit?
  11. Citadel in ruin is the very same
  12. Pear tree must develop in various degrees of heat
  13. An issue for the HSE? One is better off without it!
  14. Nothing to do with Irish and English writing is more mischievous
  15. Most of the dish on paper is a level above the rest
  16. Made ones mark with dress design
  17. Upset German is given the contract
  18. Lift lid off casual drugs for those legally in possession
  19. Took a seat from one small pressure group with sense of achievement
  20. Gave a lecture on the bike
  21. Sweetheart reverses car in disgust
  22. Dry fortified wines for those in lounges preparing to take flight
  23. Players almost score from the start, breaking new ground across the turf
  24. Criminal stole Kens remains
  25. Picked up first of the onions that aint fresh coming out of plot
  26. Central to committee thinking these are important to the consumers
  27. One school near Limerick and Clare, for example?
  28. Negative aspect to team in Ulster and Leinster, for example