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14-September-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Accountant is not the first taken in by opponent - is that fair?
  2. One writer upsetting Trade Union consumed by current incompetence
  3. March from the centre is heading straight into Northern Ireland offering flowers
  4. Gunshot fired out of righteousness - of course in the medical sense
  5. Vehicle going around lough in Rush
  6. Footfall perhaps of one of those in 20 across
  7. Tries a novel, a parody of others
  8. Dopey, Oscar and Edward? One of them is not bright!
  9. Those in Sky to broadcast a number of vehicles down the road
  10. Discovered in human anatomy sometime in the future in Malaga
  11. The wife when out with one of the investors whos not working?
  12. Complete set of good books discovered in our place
  13. Ration out cooks local tea
  14. Alerts from half-sister in school
  15. Pens produced by Old Bob, for example, with a carbon twist
  16. Garda finds listening device - The Telegraph runs with it
  17. Minor arguments over university finding top academics employed in the kitchen
  18. Inexperienced novice in new tent expected to catch 10 across
  19. For those taking steps to take head off inflated type blown-up in football?
  20. Trout swimming ahead of salmon in school
  21. Drop Declan Rice, initially, with no difficulty
  22. To do with some of us socialising
  23. Discovers flighty Earls around the end of autumn
  24. Theyre going nowhere in heaven and hell presumably
  25. Cuts by papers editor lacking balance
  26. Strike across the board with decorators out
  27. Backs banks stocks and shares in places
  28. Position on both sides of the Silk Route