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  1. Cultural organisation welcomes leaders of musical band in part of Africa
  2. Polly and the others drink with the producers
  3. Close to belligerent in risking trouble by avoiding the issue
  4. One of those with a reputation as a loser produced a hamburger, by which one is called perhaps?
  5. Local scoundrel is full of mischief, for example, on Top Gear
  6. Horse box from Brazil
  7. This shouldn't even be discussed by sister on the radio endlessly with children
  8. Friend in Paris backs manuscript by church leaders
  9. Taken to Bar Hearing by journalist
  10. Foreign soldier reading novel about Rising
  11. Spies one of The Classifieds for American males
  12. Essential to dump tin or the types the painters use
  13. Saint-Marcellin linked with old city on Limburg border in Belgium associated with recipe for fast food
  14. Dijon's revolutionary informers found in wet ground shot in the head
  15. Press one criminal to answer
  16. Closes bars in Northern Ireland
  17. Organisation is in demand by some leading figures? That could be bad news!
  18. A small little plant that's good for the nice people from South Africa to get in first
  19. Loving proposal?
  20. Irish dance was set up by one of those types cutting corners
  21. Greek letter folded over in flat ledger
  22. The art's student's first job in the pawnshop comes as a surprise to the tourists
  23. Frenchman taken in by misleading decoy - some people find that funny?
  24. Study readings by The Pioneers
  25. Fondness for most small, wild snakes
  26. Some revolutionary characters in Guant?namo radicalised by the subtle atmosphere
  27. Drag into court from base up on complex
  28. Really big cobblers - even the last one