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  1. Undertakers asked out - presumably, this is the reply?
  2. Get wind of the fact detectives given protection
  3. They return to the sea, having grown up on land, escaping from the sand, for starters
  4. Double agents dont get stoned in the expensive fish restaurant
  5. Surreal novel about one thousand frequent visitors to The Bar
  6. Burst in suddenly as it sounds like a car reversing inside
  7. Relative squeezed energy out of juice?
  8. A reading rewritten by Jasmine from The Cape?
  9. Peter out with shrink?
  10. A good time to get laser treatment from those looking after 10 across
  11. Notes the similarities in some carp swimming
  12. Kitty discovered without Oscar
  13. Is cowardly to a nice gallant
  14. Watched out for organisation opening out of the blue
  15. Grouses or beefs?
  16. Turns up, the foreign bad-mannered military group is mostly for show - with the cops doing it by the book
  17. First mate loses taste for outfit
  18. Take stock of new Polish newspaper
  19. Credit or freak out with one of those making a scene?
  20. Spill the beans and oats out of foam or tins
  21. Apologists ignore a lot of tittle-tattle
  22. Profile both sides fall from grace
  23. A number of characters committed a crime setting up trainee officer
  24. One of those in church report, for example, going around with Mr Hyde, for instance
  25. Most of characters in 9 across and 25 across responsible for putting people down
  26. Its not common in uplifting itineraries
  27. Write in an antiquated way to institute behind popular science foundation
  28. Instructions for cooking price-fixing for energy