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  1. Ross gets off steroids - the current trend suggesting it has a yo-yo effect
  2. A feature of guardian offering support
  3. One is not getting paid in The Office to surprise and wind-up Ronald, Ray, Rocky
  4. New cadet taking in Clare port is welcomed
  5. In order to ignore Ron having a say in how 15 across is cut
  6. Willing to listen to Frank and Old Penny dressed-up in denim
  7. Her careers wasted as an investigator
  8. Warning - Takeaway near Ring is closing soon
  9. Get lost on satnav coming from old womans accommodation
  10. Theres no acai in Saint Lucia to put down locally?
  11. Fast, vile boss in Fiesta
  12. Some sales order sent back with whats sold in the wine bar
  13. Call Duce out over a transgression - primarily its deliberate
  14. Royals welcome address with 50 rules to guarantee The Good Life?
  15. A jar at the beginning of 11 across
  16. Post at the end of 15 across
  17. No toilets in petrol station for the customer
  18. Local criminal isnt finished putting pressure on American city producing unnecessary fuss
  19. Workers heading off for what sounds like days to lobby
  20. Holly is not close to Mike in the nursery
  21. What definitely affects the retirement plan will keep you up all night
  22. Has a partner working in the embassy for US Democrat
  23. Uplifting ballad about last letters from Eve and figures from The Garden
  24. Financial disaster up north for old city
  25. Speciality that is in Florida Key?
  26. Classy spartan types mostly ripped off back at hotel
  27. Snake in square pot
  28. An issue for those going back to school