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  1. Ate fly, bizarrely, as a way of showing allegiance
  2. Expresses it in a different way using less tartan in redesign
  3. Old leader gets assistant on the phone initially, speaking for ancient Egyptian authority
  4. This dwelling has a certain style and bearing, they say
  5. Keeps out of sight after article on how the film was subdivided
  6. Manages to get a grip on panic at chess tournament, concealing it
  7. Carelessly attaches pin to child
  8. Tiny Tom's decree serves as a largely accurate guiding principle
  9. Display olives, holding them up in devoted way
  10. Finish using merchandise and get these as a result of the process
  11. Person breathes through it hiding internal pain when creative work is returned
  12. Nominate grateful interns, giving them a lift and something to aim for
  13. Gangs jostle at the centre causing anxiety
  14. Occasionally duets by couple make one feel very despondent
  15. Last shelf has a torch and a pack of cards for the pilots in here
  16. Yonder outhouse had roof removed and replaced by Charlie who covered it with straw
  17. Lightly knocks them back in tiff
  18. Reaches the top with representatives of aristocratic family
  19. Dealers purse lips and reshuffle them
  20. It's a bit premature to remove filling from uneven tortellini made locally
  21. Heard tiler rearranged things and passed on the message
  22. Hold saddest part in the middle that describes elderly woman in a patronising way
  23. Job they're performing is a diversion and might involve challenging quests overseen by a referee
  24. Has shown disgraceful intemperance, ignoring remit, so must do this to atone
  25. Top seed has suffered a setback, I see
  26. Travels at high speed and might wear a sign of former injury
  27. Plead, oddly, for what was grown above to be cut
  28. Should first player consume decomposed vegetable matter?