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18-June-2022 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Stress top lawyer out with hullabaloo
  2. Let Marlowe rot in coastal building
  3. Don't react to ice queen's song
  4. It goes right round small ensemble
  5. Diminutive one clutches stone
  6. Ceremony regarding alternate fruit tree
  7. Resisting authority, muddled drone goes from right to left
  8. We maintain webmaster
  9. Power cut in Rome thought at first to ruin processor chassis
  10. Some of 14 down with the German labourer
  11. Promote eleven, briefly, at assembly
  12. Lawless characters we send to country
  13. Accountant goes right round to the French visionary
  14. Pull in direction of city
  15. Easy access to artist in Westminster
  16. Five hundred for you, historically speaking
  17. Don't forget to ring religious leaders
  18. Cross postgraduate begins early, making mess of test
  19. Our neighbour's grim edifice
  20. Dizziness felt by James Stewart, maybe?
  21. Sinister sound from cow going berserk in America
  22. These feelings aren't charged
  23. Will begin school exercises on bench
  24. Spit it out about returning minstrel
  25. Battles in the east over stock
  26. Heads for old city in warm coat
  27. Made tall structures and created concrete jungle
  28. Material in novel vetoed
  29. Overseer now to become looming presence
  30. Entrap foolish predecessor
  31. Secretly Croat had made solemn promise
  32. Will regret being uncivil, abandoning first date
  33. Mad schoolmasters didn't have stomach to renew lease with them
  34. Charlie gets single fruit from forest floor
  35. Cappuccino blend discovered by peer
  36. A friend from Ulster, perhaps, comes to invigorate one
  37. Turns out Nelson left confessional in a mess
  38. Artist comes round to tea in December with geometric designs