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18-March-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Check out what's essential to direct income funds
  2. It's broken by player talking to the crowd
  3. Rice packed into leaves and used for starters
  4. Name of Premier League club acquired by slippery customer
  5. Apple for example dismissing information about fossil fuel
  6. Type of international food giving plenty of energy when cold?
  7. Course not finished? That's a major defeat
  8. Prophet brought up in part of Shakespeare essay
  9. They have broken the mother-in-law
  10. Temperature in star is surprise
  11. Short term view getting check on initial findings
  12. Draw attention to standard required on winning
  13. Use area in Stuttgart for making movies for example
  14. Old style red coat performing
  15. Country destroys vehicle lacking sides
  16. One involved in foreign exchange fiddle
  17. Paint out something that's unsophisticated
  18. Flower lasts a long time in pretty shell
  19. How today's theme might be described - and ranked
  20. Developing nations turning green? Hopefully we can avoid it
  21. Peg down section turning over loads
  22. Return to Midi after finishing in the black there
  23. Say goodbye to commercial operating system
  24. Being cooperative when opposition is off centre
  25. Pressure in China's reconstruction to find natural iron source
  26. Take possession of one million quid
  27. Eve's punishment for being one was excessive
  28. Singer gets jeer when name dropping!
  29. Understand sincere advice to be less naive
  30. This type of puzzle is found all around Cyprus
  31. Put away second haul
  32. Company correspondence cut short by writer
  33. Food store provides door to door service - not half!
  34. During opening, president causes division