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  1. Reports cons cut a settlement
  2. Mimic is upset by strange amulet
  3. Made oneself known again to shady type covering launch
  4. Upsetting extract in The Mirror regurgitated by mistake
  5. Judge again is about to take a boat from Spain around seas
  6. Two pubs for one starting college - its savage!
  7. Gives ones address, content to offset a roadblock going all the way back
  8. Top player tries it on
  9. Doesnt surrender what one does when the boss is away
  10. Takes cues from sheet music and belief in the creator
  11. Business people closing 11 down
  12. Stage actress at finale in Northern Ireland retires
  13. A couple of Frenchmen taken in by local Irish girlfriends - the beastly sorts who have long since gone
  14. Sharp-eyed type bravest on manoeuvres
  15. Put a name to model fined over backcombing it onto ponytail?
  16. Make it very clear flying pollutes
  17. Working on the sly in good faith?
  18. Lads falling off sailboards - it could be the pressure staying on a line
  19. Unfair to leave fundraisers in Mini
  20. Graduate gets to object to legal actions by a number of outfits hiding beach bums presumably
  21. Try to persuade after school in Rush
  22. Gets the picture for endless sailors on old boat with reels
  23. The range of some folksier rapper
  24. Cleaned up and ironed out three articles from three countries linked to writer
  25. Straight man loses sight of what gets repeated
  26. Austrian composer playing Harlem
  27. Spike and Oscar Furlong heard this from the judge querying whats said in The House
  28. 10K in Belgium won reportedly by Malaysian neighbour