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  1. Make sure thats not fake news coming from station on the border
  2. Tried to halt first bill by government lawyer and it came to nothing
  3. Kept in quarantine containing head cold
  4. Stole from stockpiles with a number of tools
  5. In conclusion, boss rules roost at foundation
  6. Some series actors turn up in a courtroom drama
  7. Gives the time of day when someone was late with DNA research
  8. Punnet is used for making pesto
  9. Found down on the beach hosting old May Day appeal for unnamed people with bad reputations
  10. Poor stouts found over border mostly for the holidaymakers
  11. Church leader curtailed by Saint Adam
  12. Pile of characters stuffed into melodramas storylines
  13. One of those in Records Dept loses the head, consumed by local drink, and is given a job in the prison!
  14. Makes a deposit at the bank, for instance? A philanthropist!
  15. Two types of drugs for high-flyer on the board
  16. Lacks faith, as head barman is not around? Pole is in charge!
  17. They object vocally to some stand-up characters producing heroin and ecstasy found in clerks hash
  18. Its said at mass meeting about copper with common sense
  19. Splits cold spaces for laying down wine
  20. In a manner of speaking, Barney produced One Direction, Kiss and Cash
  21. Raised in Scots-English breeding ground
  22. Girl left school with historical records
  23. Provide cover for foolish type heading off to smoke
  24. Feel bad for Split local
  25. Ponder time out making a recovery
  26. Ban offers from those taking orders in the service industry?
  27. Part of the problem in trusting one of those making their own dough
  28. Miss Ring and Victor Ward checkout?