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20-February-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Take issue with small operation on model
  2. Gives the thumbs up recalling view over large bar
  3. Review of El Cid clip starts with cinematic intensity of one hanging outside in the cold
  4. Deplores leaving trades people the sticky stuff
  5. Pity in the past - even from Revenue
  6. Church step - the first of three in a row
  7. Party around delta by the foreign small pools
  8. Calculates banks toxic assets
  9. Notes presumably what you get from those characters in 16 down
  10. Bren - the shaggy type from Newfoundland produced pointer
  11. Local tearaway on the street is a person from an anti-social estate?
  12. Backs coach pockets car producing half of a raffle ticket?
  13. Visit the supporters shop for the mother, presumably under stand?
  14. Is this similar to a fair amount of 27 down? Of course!
  15. Arrive before Eve to greet the show off getting award from university
  16. The one-piece swimsuits all open like parts of the bikini
  17. Heads to streets of this town in South American city producing a rice dish
  18. A measure of most of those in 12 across
  19. Taoiseach scratches aches, a bit
  20. Guard in operatives Cortina
  21. Some uplifting Padua lament of praise
  22. Flexible type from A-list working in Clare bends over backwards
  23. Purposely releases opus in response
  24. Clip of combat outfit suffering from a lack of energy
  25. Pick up Marsh, for example, going back to Dublin, a county on the island of Ireland with stick-in-the-mud?
  26. Caught a glimpse of tourist attraction overlooking Germany
  27. One of those employed in the manual papermaking business, set up The Spanish College in Kildare and Dublin
  28. By-product is far-fetched, cutting, hard?
  29. Meant to leave statement and let it stand as it was
  30. Work out on all sides today
  31. Be successful on a long shot perhaps - know what I mean?
  32. Its not even found in bread dough rising
  33. Auctioneers ignored count - what could be simpler?
  34. Turn up motorway to old-fashioned roadblock
  35. In a state of shock?
  36. Area where in France to find fathers sheep from North Africa
  37. The going rate perhaps for setting up part of guillotines
  38. Have no doubts protecting medical organisation with expertise