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  1. What to do with a King? Presumably, make a decision after a night out!
  2. Local talks at length about Cinders and Mike? As for the women, they cover their faces!
  3. Translate email about law enforcement agency - not the hostile type
  4. Joint has to open of late, briefly in California producing type of sausages
  5. Tempt man not opening with diamonds
  6. Holds the record collection for some figures at The Post
  7. Starter of 15 down for the salad days
  8. Determined to serve old cocktail
  9. Sidetracks search in boat
  10. Colourful type from USSR shot leaders, economists, Trotskyists
  11. Scratching the head for what reason? New wife is short and cross!
  12. Bit of fresh air in Bath? That's about all there is in that place!
  13. Refuse to be baited by advice to anyone marrying Henry VIII
  14. Presumably, Irish Water's balance sheet can be quickly converted into cash
  15. Piano technician is on the radio
  16. Tricky topic for one employed in the pub
  17. Joint or side of meat in mango salad
  18. The present-day thinking is this is a movement with a new agenda
  19. Is retiring from bank's mortgage company buying and selling church offices
  20. Takes a risk for 18 across, for example, by falling for a star
  21. Evasive family losing the head with Frank
  22. Something for the kids in the early years getting stick
  23. Cook in the water by local for Nick
  24. Show up Peter's out of funny films
  25. Cathy's all at sea in pleasure crafts
  26. Reports of women from Rising organising around square
  27. Promising playboy, presumably is expected to play a bigger part in the future
  28. Presumably provides a real alternative to one of those running laundry business?