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  1. Seems a mess or the seed of one?
  2. Cellar workers following soldiers home for tea
  3. Private left yard on the sly
  4. A scoop of rice came prepared
  5. Planted in shifting snow
  6. Meant to leave statement and let it stand as it was
  7. Lifeless bar - the one journalist will be familiar with in due time
  8. Turns up, sweetheart in Donegal got married briefly to Frenchman and cried like a baby
  9. Everyone in debt is nodding in approval
  10. They cause offense, in a manner of speaking, to Don getting bit of news in ship
  11. Detective is no longer with us? 24 across and most of 26 across invite disaster! (3,31,3,5)
  12. The backdrop to where Mussolini sides with deception at university
  13. Cultivates the extremes of divine right of kings
  14. Some of those raised in Baltinglass appreciated by one of those in the mountains
  15. Characters at the end of 15 across from The Rock presumably settled on the plot?
  16. Seedy types of tomatoes released to me
  17. Adore novel following K in The Trial
  18. Press in outlet upsets writer responsible for a sportsmans sketches
  19. Places of rest for a cute Pole
  20. Local ticket seller admits handing capital to bank cashier?
  21. Young lady duly left in great distress
  22. Greek character gets award at university the first in The City?
  23. Turns up, for example, with a short inventory of fodder
  24. Dont open the bottle from the Mediterranean close to capital
  25. The types who are put away for the future - the sort Humpty Dumpty and his ilk fell back on during hard times?
  26. Dance party with band at the centre in violent ghetto
  27. Tests, for example, for consumers estate cars losing race
  28. Critical appraisal for reserve about to take point