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  1. 9 across is taking offence, as it's some rip-off?
  2. Minor annoyance for horse in river
  3. Is it pushing it too much - private transport is no good?
  4. Heartless in Endeavour, the lead in Porridge and the original key contributor to The Office
  5. View fight that's synonymous with a lot of swearing, evidentially
  6. Exposed by Shatter? That's how wars begin!
  7. They set an example for posers after getting a part in a film
  8. Creative type from museum is getting endless local credit
  9. The Count is terrified he'll see it in The Sun presumably
  10. Central to family story with unusual, extreme background
  11. Syrian miso soup produced by faithful worker overseas perhaps
  12. Brigades dismissed base network
  13. Representing Ulster in school cap
  14. Advertisement about soldier museum in a state
  15. New Mum says 'bye' and does a twist in harbour boat - presumably that's the Kathmandu quickstep?
  16. 24-hours with fantasist out wool-gathering when there's still light?
  17. Jokes in gatherings doing the rounds
  18. Her intro remarkably is causing the most distress
  19. Goes on to say Rocky is from dockyards
  20. Underground heating lighting up Old Nick's house warmer for one's sins
  21. Dear me - it confused part of The Circle
  22. There's a lot of activity in the queen's residence
  23. Copper arrests that woman at back of nightclub with angelic figure
  24. Teacher loses the head with one of Daisy's family
  25. Celebrated singer making a comeback touring Lombardy with gusto
  26. Shipmates ignore map produced by scholar in final year
  27. Allude to State's vision
  28. Rally those on the periphery around Texas Hold 'Em