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  1. Out at night, more so than usual - its what she does not having met handsome prince yet
  2. Nurse is from Spain in the writing study
  3. Weather ship dismisses trips to Bray?
  4. Leaves hotel for Europeans speech on holiday
  5. Train near Eastburn in The Underground
  6. Is very realistic in playing magic part
  7. The Irish love hothead in photos and artwork
  8. Foreign dish in spring served up with slaw, excluding the sides
  9. Support, in a manner of speaking, for sanest boss
  10. Dealer produces small car reduced for church worker
  11. Snow from townscapes and strand
  12. A small sweet herb starting to go off in spread
  13. Shock as Martins travelling companion is going to hospital
  14. Overthrow Crown with half the people
  15. One of those in stable environment going with loafer? Good luck with that!
  16. When Henry VIII broke with The Pope perhaps, this study once kept the order in order?
  17. Mouthy type admits turning secret agent involved in the construction of The Wall
  18. Travels everywhere return on one day with dancers boss
  19. Keen or slow to leave Tinseltown?
  20. Those playing their part by going on strike? Presumably, they attract prolonged applause!
  21. Has a hunch drink is for models
  22. Tense play taken in by Lincoln - The Man Who Wasnt There?
  23. Father has Mass with band of musicians
  24. State faces up to a number of cuts
  25. Break loose avoiding laser - the one you can buy online
  26. Small homely type of piece about journalists
  27. A bench perhaps in the graveyard
  28. Part of the family from a foreign line in Clare