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22-February-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Complete set of good books discovered in our place
  2. Some top running shoe is full of holes and the water just runs through it
  3. Carried out prize for engineering degree
  4. Relatives taken in by Trinidad scheme
  5. Breakdown rescue - is that safe?
  6. Qualifications of those working on The Curragh
  7. Make a meal of it with Cain out of defiance
  8. Leave out whats upsetting in testimony
  9. Its not unusual to roam freely in The Netherlands
  10. What those in 14 down are capable of doing by having a couple of buns in the oven for others
  11. Is at the centre of denials of annoying sounds
  12. The white hats presumably in revolutionary party set up
  13. Extra-odd Italian rogue
  14. The facts and figures - a tad elevated
  15. Check with Buck or dancers partner
  16. Sisters bit of sharp practice with marine trumpet (31,6)
  17. Cant tail criminal going back and forth between here and America
  18. Reads new novel as reported in response
  19. A dismissive order in Belgium from a flighty type
  20. Oriental workers in accommodation taking the last of the readings of the rain and wind
  21. Letters about the playboy perhaps produced by those performing the odd role
  22. Ladies man produced content from upsetting indecent negative
  23. Woods warns the golfers shouting this on first two at St Andrews
  24. Its not good for Geordie with no ego
  25. Those entering the fray with 2 down lose the head and go ballistic first? Sometimes!
  26. Funny comedic art is systematic of whats typically on display in the house
  27. The Press fail to win in court