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  1. Closes 22 across in port
  2. Play around with fault covering resistance - thats clever
  3. A rich model from a town in Tipperary
  4. More than confident about New England station introducing EastEnders, the British version
  5. Is heard travelling around Vienna opening 15 across
  6. Give thought to decors in complex
  7. Work out why she leaves penthouse?
  8. Gate crashes inns around Germany, Spain and up North
  9. Turkeys heavy weapons on the borders
  10. Drunk Megs pint - a crafty mixture of the Black Stuff and water, for instance
  11. Take away Frenchmen from Alpine summit involved in swindle on stag
  12. Discount rate doesnt include rustic present
  13. Some upsetting media editing of what The Thinker represents
  14. Danish neighbour to march on weekend to old European capital
  15. Recommend run to impresario
  16. Classy types showing the worlds of rounded earthy models
  17. No hens in Lancashire? Its a cultural thing!
  18. 11 across opens and introduces World Is Not Enough produced in the Mosel
  19. Little known mystic?
  20. Incomprehension of risk encompassing creative stimulus for workers
  21. Get in vet at fault for a short account
  22. Turns up, agency starts spreading old mistakes - therein lies the pattern
  23. Footsteps in the snow leads to explosions, in a comical sense
  24. Tons from Sacramento employed by director
  25. Dogs 20 across and those figures associated with crooks?
  26. Sounds like steak and fish starters for evening dinner sold down the river
  27. Denies leaving West Indies with comics
  28. Sample of Zenos paradoxes in practice in Ring