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  1. A public exponent of The Strip is running out of gear?
  2. Once in it, criminal produces toxic stuff from the camels
  3. Nasty old Newton in Spar has debts
  4. Its a measure of crafty type in the distance synonymous with The Fleet
  5. Works in abbey? That explains everything for those who want to know the background!
  6. Hopping joints for those down at heel
  7. Timothys new piece of sculpture reviewed by broadcast
  8. Fresh small fish produced by one employing an anchor?
  9. Support, in a manner of speaking, for sanest boss
  10. Cops the mysterious type concealed by monitor
  11. Secure unrest in boat
  12. Butcher avails of what mouthy type produces
  13. Rod opening for Queen produces the latest composition from The Tourists
  14. American opens big, box of tricks in The Monks Head?
  15. One note on the essence of right and wrong
  16. A number of different mimicking types agreed report with one revolutionary
  17. Old reformers getting to map out awards from university
  18. Its not easy finding enclosure guarded by saucy type of Indian for cash in hand
  19. Inherited a Bandon herd as part of whats linked to the deal
  20. Ulster consumed by address heard in the church
  21. Heretic loses it with Joy
  22. Theyll show you the bones of oxtail and fish sauce starter?
  23. Foreign partisan has ambitions
  24. State caught off guard by what the British prince, for example, might want to get his hands on
  25. Citadel in resort is the very same
  26. Secretary has a lively tempo in clerical office
  27. Bar opens for the angry men going to the boxing match
  28. Realised beginners set up shop showcasing electrical devices