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  1. On the level hidden by Wisteria Frutescens going all the way around
  2. Against old soldier from battery unit
  3. Unfolds oily cheese from a cloth with a silky, crispy texture
  4. Mae West was missing competition
  5. A lot missing from alternator - it that why one is off course?
  6. Turkish neighbour of characters in taxi ranks
  7. Leading character in Austen novel with cuckoo
  8. Soft white-grey material found in Oriental carpets
  9. Kind of festival of opera in trouble
  10. Small craft that can go back and forth on the water?
  11. I ran away from Australians in Rush
  12. Showing off stout with no head at a party
  13. Every so often disregarding everyone is not hard
  14. Poor quality from all sides today
  15. Diner from steelyard drops LSD
  16. Play with breeds from oyster bed
  17. Criticise writer upsetting Bellow
  18. Wild cougar with huge tail and backbone
  19. One of The Greens produced a singers recording thats cut short by party
  20. Awful name for black-hearted Oriental plant in allotment
  21. Upset, cross and losing the head with guide - thats what you have to go through to get into The House!
  22. Old master dismisses arts produced by Lisa del Giocondo, for one, in the Mona Lisa
  23. A question on the census for half the spies?
  24. Turns up, secretary consumes fish on a night out?
  25. Local bash serving up some Kahlua mudslide
  26. Steered Escort on back road?
  27. Kind of manual for draft-dodging fraudsters
  28. Soft medley tune about Lennon ultimately carried from Strawberry Fields?
  29. Its free from tree farm or shopping centre?
  30. Sign of approval, not quite from 21 across
  31. Graduate gets degree? And the mark ? what youd expect from a class clown whos no good as copying others!
  32. Serving up 27 across with starters of battered lemon sole at the foundation? Take a dip!
  33. Directors are to blame for this poorly performing company of dreadful fellow workers in Gate production
  34. Pleas from Neapolitans in Italy, for one
  35. Desert watering hole near gambling city is unfinished
  36. One train going around Spain is synonymous with those doing nothing
  37. Bats in a building - dont touch them
  38. Wicked relation wont get a ring with this?